Two poems by Sutardji Calzoum Bachri for the 53rd anniversary of TIM

Two poems by Sutardji Calzoum Bachri for the 53rd anniversary of TIM

O youth. Garuda, hatched. Born again, Father to this nation. Hatched as the young laid golden eggs. Hatch You, in their oath!

The above stanza is an excerpt from a poem by Sutardji Calzoum Bachri. The title is ‘O Youth Where’s Your Egg’, which was read by legendary Rengat-born poet Indragiri Hulu, Riau on the night of the peak night of Taman Ismail Marzuki’s (TIM) 53rd birthday celebration, in the courtyard of TIM Great Theater, Jakarta, Wednesday (01/10) 11).

Even though he is already 80 years old, the voice of what is colloquially known as Bang Tardji can still be heard loudly on stage. Not only while playing with a poem, that night, Bang Tardji also read his work titled “The Land of Tears”.

Bang Tardji’s presence as a performer this time around seemed like the antidote to homesickness, especially for those who have long awaited artistic performances during the pandemic. Her hoarse, wet voice mingles with applause from the audience and artists from the TIM community.

Recalling his first appearance in TIM, Bang Tardji admitted that he still remembers the days of 1968. At that time he appeared before Governor Ali Sadikin, or more specifically when TIM was inaugurated by the figure who is colloquially called Bang Ali.

Humanist Taufik Rahzen, in his “Cultural Mandate for the 53rd Anniversary of TIM,” said the figure of Bang Tardji could be considered a living witness to TIM. Its presence gave its own color to TIM following the ups and downs that accompany it. Therefore, at the same time, he and the artists members of the TIM community agreed to give the title “Datuk Budaya Indonesia” to Bang Tardji.

The inauguration of ‘Datuk Kebudyaan Indonesia’ was also accompanied by the donation of a realistic painting of the figure of Bang Tardji Muda by artist Paul Hendro. According to Taufik, the title and painting plan was actually going to take place on June 24. However, for one reason or another, the gift was made to coincide with TIM’s 53rd birthday.

“He, throughout TIM, was known as the president of Indonesian poets. But the life he had given up was endowed so far, he was in fact the Datuk of Indonesian culture or the father of culture. Indonesian If there is a Father of the Nation, of course there is a Father of Culture, ”Taufik said.

Taufik added that every year or more specifically every TIM birthday celebration in the future, the artists agreed to commemorate the Datuk of Indonesian culture, namely Bang Tardji.

Also recalling the story of TIM’s founding, Taufik said the place at that time was actually a zoo, which was on land donated by Indonesian fine arts maestro Raden Saleh.

The zoo was then managed by the Dutch East Indian government and continued by the Indonesian government. At one point, President Soekarno then made the place a center for the development of science. Therefore, the first place that was built was the observatory building.

“The observatory was created and inaugurated in 1965. And at that time they wanted, this is the real center of knowledge, on Indonesian civilization,” he said.

Along with Taufik’s cultural messages reading and Bang Tardji’s poetry reading, TIM’s 53rd anniversary celebration was complemented by several other events as well. Some of them are the monologue by David Karo, the dances of the Cikini Art Stage (CAS), the screening of the poetry film ‘Binatang Jalang Chairil Anwar’ by director Exan Zen, the music of Arafat Ensamble, Lokal Ambience and RTJ Band, which has already started with the cutting of the cone by cross-cultural artists. (OL-12)


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