Governor opens national youth football competition in Bali

Governor opens national youth football competition in Bali

GOVERNOR of Bali I Wayan Koster opened the national youth football competition, Bali Governor’s Cup 2021, Sunday (14/11) at GOR Garuda Dalung, Badung.

Amid the lack of local and national agendas in Bali, various events will be organized to increase the mobility and economy of the Balinese people.

In his remarks, Koster expressed his appreciation for the initiative to host the national youth football competition, the Bali Governor’s Cup 2021, in the hope that it can be a motivation for the organization of football in the future and can be achieved in a sustainable manner. .

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“So the model of seeding, training and developing football at a young age becomes more focused,” he said.

Organizing sports championships is an integral part of sports coaching efforts. In fact, the organization of a sports championship is the culmination of a comprehensive training effort, starting with generating interest, seeking talent, selecting and competing, continuing training until achieving optimal performance.

The Governor of Bali said that the intensity of the sports championships is currently being drastically reduced, both at the international, national and district and city levels, which take place in the form of multi-event and single-event championships in due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world.

The organizing committee is asked to go well so that this competition can be a reference and an example for the organization of other sports competitions or championships.

This is in line with sports tourism which is very much needed as a means of supporting the revival of tourism in Bali.

“If done correctly in stages and continuously, it will also become a selection event and provide a competitive experience for athletes who wish to achieve the highest achievements,” he explained.

The chairman of the organizing committee, Wayan Suata, indicated that the men’s U-15 and women’s U-17 football competitions for the 2021 Bali Governors Cup is an event to channel skills and expertise in football, as well as a place to channel positive creativity for the Young Generation.

“This is why we have organized ourselves so that the activities of the youth are channeled. This Bali Governor’s Cup is the first time it has taken place, to support the development of the Balinese football world,” he said. he declares.

Through this event, he hopes that footballers, especially teenagers, will progress, become the seeds of excellent footballers.

“Athletes’ achievements do not just fall from the sky, they have to be nurtured from an early age. If they are not nurtured from an early age, it is impossible to become an athlete who excels,” he said. .

He expressed his appreciation for the support of the Governor of Bali for the implementation of the event.

“Many are not sure that this competition will take place, but thanks to the enthusiasm and full support of the governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, who is extraordinary, we can finally make this event a reality as we see it together today. hui, “he concluded. (OL-1)


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