DKI provincial government promises flooding in capital to recede by up to 6 hours

DKI provincial government promises flooding in capital to recede by up to 6 hours

Heavy rains that devastated most parts of DKI Jakarta on Saturday (13/11) caused puddles and flooding in several places in east Jakarta and south Jakarta. Meanwhile, other administrative areas have no flooding.

Thanks to the collaboration of various regional device organizations (DPOs), floods and floods that occur can recede in less than 6 hours. To be precise, at 23.59 WIB, the water had receded in all previously affected points.

According to data from DKI Jakarta BPBD, most of the flood and flood affected areas in East Jakarta can recede in about 2 hours, with a height of 40-60cm, as happened in the villages of Cipinang Melayu, Makasar and Kebon Pala.

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Meanwhile, for the flood points in Cililitan Village, Tengah Village, and Rambutan Village, the water can recede in about 3-4 hours.

“Jakarta Provincial Government Joint Personnel equipped with equipment acted immediately to deal with the floods. Given the heavy rainfall, all levels of the DKI provincial government will continue to be on standby to minimize the impact of flooding / flooding, ”DKI Jakarta BPBD Acting Chief Sabdo Kurnianto said in an official statement on Monday ( 11/15).

Meanwhile, based on data from DKI Jakarta Water Resources Service, the flooding that occurred in Mampang Prapatan district, precisely on Jl Kemang Utara IX due to the overflow of the Kemang River, could be dealt with. and soothed in 2 hours.

“As a follow-up, we also continue to monitor the development of puddles / flooding and the water level at the gates. Even though the water level varied yesterday, according to our monitoring, no one has reached the alert status or alert 1, ”said Yusmada Faizal, head of the water resources department of DKI Jakarta.

The public can follow the latest information on areas affected by floods and floods via the link, the JAKI app, or the Twitter account @ BPBDJakarta.

The latest developments in areas affected by flooding and flooding will be updated every three hours. Call the Jakarta Siaga Call Center 112 if you need further assistance. (OL-1)


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