Congestion in Jakarta increases by 40%, Polda Metro maintains operation Zebra Jaya for 2 weeks

Congestion in Jakarta increases by 40%, Polda Metro maintains operation Zebra Jaya for 2 weeks

POLDA Metro Jaya will organize Operation Zebra Jaya 2021, starting today, Monday (15/11) for the next two weeks.

According to the Chief Inspector General of Police of Metro Jaya, Fadil Imran, this was done in response to the increase in traffic jams in Jakarta which reached 40%.

“Based on Tomtom traffic index data, Jakarta’s congestion index in July was 8%. Currently, it has risen to 40 percent, “Fadil told Polda Metro Jaya on Monday (11/15).

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Fadil led Operation Zebra Jaya 2021 in the Ditlantas field of Polda Metro Jaya on Monday (11/15). A total of 3,070 joint personnel have been deployed to carry out Operation Zebra Jaya.

“Polda Metro Jaya is organizing Operation Zebra Jaya 2021 which will run for two weeks from today, Monday (15/11) until November 28, 2021, involving 3,070 joint personnel from TNI, Polri, Satpol PP and Dishub, ”he said. Explain.

He further explained that the operation was carried out to increase public discipline in maintaining health protocols and to reduce the number of traffic accidents. This must be done because to see the culture of a country can be seen in traffic.

“We hope that with Operation Zebra Jaya 2021, it will be able to reduce the rate of traffic accidents,” he hoped.

It also emphasizes the personnel involved in Operation Zebra Jaya to conduct operations in a persuasive, humanistic, educational, sympathetic and responsible manner.

“Pay attention to the attitude of the members in the field so that they maintain good manners, perform their duties in a professional manner, no more incidents of traffic personnel not working according to procedures”, a- he explained.

Staff are also urged not to hesitate to take action against violators, including the use of loud exhausts, the use of rotators and sirens.

“Then sign the TNKB motor vehicle number which is not installed in the place intended by the manufacturer,” he explained. (OL-1)


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