Close the KBPP cup of the national police, Madame hopes that the seedlings of football athletes are born

Close the KBPP cup of the national police, Madame hopes that the seedlings of football athletes are born

The PRESIDENT of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani, closed the National Police Boys and Girls Family Cup (KBPP) football tournament at an early age which has been taking place since November 12, 2021 at Renon Field, Denpasar, Bali.

Puan was present as the Honorary Council of the KBPP National Police where the KBPP National Police Tournament for Young Children was part of the program “Dreams come true” in which 64 teams from 13 provinces participated.

“Congratulations to the participants of the Indonesian National Police KBPP Cup who became champions in the U-10, U-11, U-12 and U-13 age categories. You have made your parents, your coaches and your regions proud, “Puan said in his press release on Sunday (11/14/2021).

The U-10 Police KBB Cup was won by Berau Marine from East Kalimantan, the U-11 category was won by Bali United Blue from Bali, the U-12 champion was Arcamanik from West Java and the U-13 winner was Flamboyan Bali FC.

The winners will represent Indonesia in the International Dreams Come True tournament in 2022 to be held in Jakarta.

Dreams come true”Is a breeding ground for football through multi-level competitions for early childhood and youth (8-16 years) at provincial, national and international levels. Later, the winning team at the national level will have the opportunity to compete at the international level by representing their country.

“Those of you who are still young must be optimistic, have the courage to represent Indonesia on the world stage. And remember that good preparation is hard practice, hard competition. But because you’re still in school, so you have to be diligent about studying in school, right, “Puan said.

To the team that did not win, Puan asks not to be discouraged. Puan said all teams need to keep morale up, keep training, try and continue to participate in various tournaments, as well as develop their talents, as the opportunities in the future are vast and should be used properly.

“Then, for Indonesian football fans, our dream is clear that the Indonesian national team can play in the World Cup. We want to be part of the celebration of the excitement of the World Cup by supporting the team. Indonesian national, by flying the Red and Whites in international stadiums, “he explained.

To make this dream come true, Puan said, tournaments such as the National Police’s KBPP Cup are needed. Through various competitions, it is sure that many of the best gold seeds in Indonesia will be found.

“We can find potential Indonesian football star players, who can make the nation proud on the international stage. And the golden seeds of Indonesian football must also receive quality coaching, ”said Puan.

Football stakeholders, including the KBPP National Police, should also pay attention to the training aspects of Indonesian football’s golden seeds. Puan hopes that the participants in the KBPP National Police Cup tournament will grow up to be top seeds who will become U-16 players.

“For Indonesian soccer players to appear who can bring Red and White to participate in the World Cup. By working together, let us realize Indonesia’s great dream of participating in the World Cup,” said the former Minister Coordinator of Human Development and Culture.

On this occasion, Puan also presented trophies and medals to the champions. The winners of the KBPP National Police Cup will this time take part in the 2022 International Youth Football Tournament in Jakarta.

“I have only seen a child in the field since the Covid-19. I hope that at the international championships the Red & Whites will fly and the Indonesia Raya anthem will be played, ”said Puan.

Bali Governor Wayan Koster, who accompanied Puan, said Renon Field, which is the venue for the National Police KBPP Cup tournament, will be tested for tourism activities and major events.

Puan recalled that health protocols should be a priority even if the tourism sector is now reopening.

“We have proven that Bali is able to protect itself from Covid. As we know, just before the New Year, Bali has become a tourist destination. Is Bali ready to guard against a third wave of Covid? Ms. asked. He called on the Bali provincial government to take various measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

In addition, Bali is often the venue for international events, including the General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in March 2022 where the Indonesian House of Representatives hosts the conference of world parliaments.

“There is simply no audience like this yet. So we have to anticipate in the future so that Bali does not have a case of Covid,” Puan concluded. (RO / OL-09)


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