LIB to test attendance for La Liga 1 game at Manahan Stadium

LIB to test attendance for La Liga 1 game at Manahan Stadium

PT Liga Indonesia Managing Director Baru (LIB) Akhmad Hadian Lukita said his party plans to test for spectator attendance during the 2021-2022 Liga 1 game at Manahan Stadium, Solo, December 2021.

“If it is applied to the third round, then Manahan Stadium will be used as it is the only stadium in the region that uses seat numbering,” Akhmad Hadian told reporters in Jakarta on Saturday (13/11) .

Currently, the man from West Java continued, LIB continues to prepare everything related to the lawsuit, one of which concerns the information system.

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In addition, the risks associated with the matches chosen for the spectators are also studied.

Once that is all over, he is then presented to the government, which ultimately determines whether or not the spectator trial at the stadium can proceed.

“We will coordinate (coordination meeting) with related parties,” Akhmad Hadian said.

Later, the spectators in the stadium during the trial period were the guests, who numbered between 100 and 200 people.

They consist of various elements such as the government, sponsors, representatives of the provincial / regency / city PSSI association and, of course, supporters.

“The guests not only watch the game, but also discuss the flow of tickets, seats and other scenarios. So we want them to be agents of our campaign on this,” Akhmad Hadian said.

The Indonesian government itself has allowed spectators to be present in the stadium through Interior Minister’s Instruction Number 57 of 2021 regarding the implementation of restrictions on community activities at level 3, level 2 and Level 1 Corona Virus Disease 2019 in Java and Areas of Bali issued November 1, 2021.

In the Instruction of the Minister of the Interior, the government allows Ligue 1 matches to be watched by spectators in stadiums with a total capacity of 25% of the maximum capacity or of a maximum of five thousand people.

The government requires all spectators to be green in the PeduliLindung app before entering the match arena. (Ant / OL-1)


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