Legendary novelist Wilbur Smith dies

Legendary novelist Wilbur Smith dies

Legendary novelist Wilbur Smith died at the age of 88 on Saturday (11/13).

“Author Wilbur Smith passed away suddenly this afternoon at his Cepe Town residence after reading and writing again early in the morning with his wife Niso,” online site Wilbur Smith Books said in a statement.

With 49 books since his first book When the Lion Feeds in 1964, Smith has become a big name in the literary world.

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“As a master of adventure stories, Wilbur Smith has successfully produced novels that have attracted many fans over the past half century. His novels have sold over 140 million copies and have been translated. in over 30 languages, “continues the online page of Books by Wilbur Smith.

His most famous work, the Courtney series, has the longest history in history. The book tells a story that spans three centuries, from the end of the colonial period in Africa to the civil war in America and apartheid in South Africa.

In the 49 novels he has published, he has managed to introduce his readers to the gold mines in South Africa, piracy in the Indian Ocean, the treasures of tropical islands, the conflicts in Arabia and Khartoum. , ancient Egypt, WWII in Germany and Paris, India. . , America and Antarctica, as well as dealing with diamond thieves and slave traders in the jungles of Africa. “(AFP / OL-1)


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