KPK not wavering on Formula E budget investigation

KPK not wavering on Formula E budget investigation

Public policy observer Trubus Rahadiansyah highlighted the attitude of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) regarding the investigation of the electric car or Formula racing event at DKI Jakarta. In his development, acting KPK spokesman Ali Fikri said the Formula E case would be closed if no criminal element was found.

In response, Trubus demanded that the KPK continue to investigate allegations of corruption in the implementation of the electric car racing event. “KPK must go all the way, which means the investigation must be carried out thoroughly to determine if there is a criminal element,” Trubus told Media Indonesia on Sunday (11/14).

If the alleged corruption case is investigated, then there will be a suspect. “But if it does not exist, it must be stopped, but at least answer the questions of the public and even the opening or the responsibility of the organizational plans of Formula E”, he said declared.

Trubus stressed that the KPK must continue to investigate the results so that the public can openly know the Formula E budget process. “KPK should not listen to the opinions of people who are developing. Professionals must reveal the actual plans of the Formula E organizers regarding the budget, ”he said.

Because the schedule of Formula E was provided for in the 2019 APBD, while the 2019 period was stunned by members of the DPRD who are no longer elected. That is to say, this is where the role of the KPK is to reveal the truth about the implementation of Formula E, “he added.

As is known, constitutional law expert Margarito called for the Formula E investigation to be stopped because the KPK had violated the crime determination procedures from the outset.
In response to this, the KPK pointed out that the Formula E implementation investigation is still ongoing and the investigation team is still exploring various data and information. “We are making sure that the KPK investigation into the implementation of Formula E is still ongoing. The investigation team continues to explore various data and information, as well as collect the required information,” said Plt. KPK Enforcement spokesperson Ali Fikri, Saturday (13/11). (OL-8)


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