Here’s how to manage a steam engine without disassembling the engine

Here’s how to manage a steam engine without disassembling the engine

Many of us have problems with protruding motorcycles. The solutions and ways to overcome them vary widely, depending on the cause of the swelling in the engine. Some of these solutions relate to dismantled machines. But, do you know, what causes the engine to emit smoke?

Firstly, the cause of smoke emission from the engine is a worn cylinder or engine liner, the influence of worn exhaust and piston rings or used / dirty oil.

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Among these problems, not all the solutions are the dismantling of the engine. There are some issues that we can solve simply without taking the machine apart.

Here is a solution to overcome the bulging of the motor without dismantling the motor:

1. Change the oil regularly

Oil is an important thing in a vehicle. The function of engine oil is that of lubricant. However, who would have thought that this feature would have another beneficial impact on the condition of the engine as well. One of them is to prevent corrosion of engine components.

Basically, the oil prevents the engine from creating friction that is too bad for the engine. If the oil is not changed regularly, the oil can also have a bad impact on the engine. One of them engine so smoky.

2. Clean the combustion chamber

The swelling often occurs in old motorcycles because the combustion chamber is rotten.

The solution to the problematic combustion chamber is to clean the crust.

In addition, the fuel that is filled must also conform to the engine characteristics of the engine so that it does not emit smoke.

3. Avoid excessive engine tuning.

Over-tuning of the engine will also cause the engine to swell. This is because the settings are not according to the machine.

An improper setting will also make the combustion in the engine erratic. As a result, the engine temperature becomes higher during combustion so that the engine becomes bubbling.

If these methods have been followed but the engine is still bubbling, service the engine at the nearest dealer or repair shop. (OL-1)


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