Exactly determined to appear without drawbacks PSIM

Exactly determined to appear without drawbacks PSIM

The Persis Solo TEAM are determined to be able to play without burden to get the total points against PSIM Yogyakarta in the Mataram derby match continued by the 2021 Liga 2 season which will take place at Manahan Stadium Solo, Central Java on Monday (15 / 11). “The victory over Persijap 5-2 in the previous game was a motivation for Persis Solo in the game against PSIM,” Persis Solo coach Eko Purdjianto said at a press conference virtual at Solo, Sunday (14/11).

“I asked the PSIM players not to be a burden, to continue to enjoy playing, to be disciplined and to work hard to win every game,” said Eko Purdjianto.

The condition of Persis’ players against PSIM Yogyakarta are all ready and await the results of the last training assessment on Sunday afternoon. Eko explained that Persis was not reinforced by team captain Eky Taufik due to a build-up of yellow cards. However, Persis has already prepared a replacement.

Eko explained that Persis in the previous game against Persijap with a landslide 5-2 victory will be used as motivation for his players and positive value for his team. It is the psychological capital of the players so that the next match will be even better against PSIM later.

Persis Solo still has ammunition for new players namely Irfan Bachdim and Mohammad Kanu Helmiawan after joining the national team. Regarding the possibility that they will be presented against PSIM. Eko said those two players will still be seen in the final training session on Sunday afternoon. Not only Irfan and Kanu, but all other Persis players must be ready for the game against PSIM, he said.

Exactly who now tops the Group C table with a value of 15 points, needing only a one-game win to be sure of qualifying for the top eight in this year’s Ligue 2 season . Meanwhile, Persis Solo defender Rian Miziar said that after defeating Persijap Persis he assessed by making a plan to face PSIM later.

“Every game we aim to win, but we are aware that this game is very prestigious and a lot of people are talking about it. We are ready, God willing, to win the game against PSIM on Monday (15/11)” , said Rian Miziar. .

Even so, Persis won 5-2 against Persijap, but her team should not forget that they also conceded two goals as evaluation material for the next game in order to perform better in order to win the next game. Meanwhile, PSIM Yogyakarta coach Seto Nurdiyantoro said the PSIM players were in good shape, but several players were injured and were monitored by the medical team, such as Purwoko, Akbar, Beni and Yudha. However, other players are ready and can be played against Persis Solo later.

“Exactly Solo is a good team in Group C, they have never lost and the score is quite high at 15 points. This means that the team against Persis, who is playing well, is already grateful, but PSIM is determined to perform optimally, and all the results are always grateful, ”said Seto.

PSIM’s position is now in third place under Persis and PSCS Cilacap. Seto said all teams in Group C had the same luck, but returned to their respective squads. If there is a will and a passion, anyone can still escape. (OL-8)


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