Collaborate to help build Islamic boarding schools for orphans in Bantargebang

Collaborate to help build Islamic boarding schools for orphans in Bantargebang

So far, people only think that Bantargebang is a dumping ground. In fact, there are also a lot of people living there, including families of scavengers.

As members of Indonesian society, they also have the right to education, work, etc. Starting from there, because he did not want the orphans of the Integrated Landfill (TPST) to be neglected, a young man named Saung Galing (28) built a boarding school (ponpes) to accommodate them. Islamic boarding school named Nurjadiid is located in Ciketing Village, RT003 / RW 003, Sumur Batu Village, Bantargebang District, Bekasi, West Java.

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The construction of the pesantren has effectively been carried out since 2010, but until 2021 it will not be completed. There are no donors to help. All construction costs are based on Saung Galing’s hard work as a construction worker and scavenger. Further development still requires financial assistance of Rp 150 million.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah SWT. My job is a sometimes poor construction worker. Now, for our single family, the only problem is the cost. We are doing all of this for the future of the brothers and sisters here, I hope they will become better people in the future. Better not to dig anymore, ”Saung Galing said on Friday (11/12).

According to her. The money will be used to reinforce fragile fences, repair student rooms, buy mattresses, pillows, wardrobes, build a kitchen and buy a number of school supplies and daily necessities for the orphans.

He hopes that the existence of the pesantren will increase the number and choice of residents around Bantargebang who wish to study in Islamic boarding schools.

“We really need a boarding school for our younger siblings here. After all, if we don’t fight for them, who else? My goal is to teach religion, so even if they are often referred to as children in the trash, they will become useful people, ”said the former punk boy.

It should be noted that currently the orphans of the Islamic boarding school in Nurjadiid live modestly. They sleep on worn mats without pillows, and sometimes on raindrops that penetrate through cracks in the roof. Their eyes are also sometimes exposed to a mixture of cement and sand powder due to the rough walls.

Meanwhile, the second floor balcony fence only uses bamboo as a support post, so it is very risky to fall. So far, no donor regularly supports the Nurjadiid Islamic boarding school. So that each day the pupils take turns digging around the landfill.

Used goods collected are sold at stalls. The results are used to support the cost of daily consumption. The kitchen used for cooking is also still a cabin, now it is rickety with age. Leak often when it rains.

At the moment, we are collaborating with to raise funds for the construction of the Nurhajadiid Islamic boarding school. It is hoped that other donors will help spread this spirit of kindness to help Saung Galing build houses and the future of orphans in the landfill. (RO / A-1)


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