Blackmail with online dating mode, 48 Chinese and Vietnamese nationals arrested

Blackmail with online dating mode, 48 Chinese and Vietnamese nationals arrested

POLICE arrested 48 Chinese and Vietnamese nationals for extortion through dating apps. Polda Metro public relations chief Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus said the 48 Chinese and Vietnamese citizens were arrested at three different stores, namely Jalan Cengkeh 22, West Jakarta, in Mangga Besar, and Gajah Mada in the Mediterranean complex, West Jakarta.

Yusri explained that this case came to light based on information the Taiwan police provided to the Jakarta Metro Police regarding the extortionists suspected of being in Jakarta.

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“We have arrested 48 suspects here and the victims are almost Taiwanese and Chinese themselves,” Yusri told Polda Metro Jaya in south Jakarta on Saturday (11/13).

Meanwhile, Metro Jaya Police Special Criminal Investigations Director Kombes Auliansyah Lubis said the suspects acted by searching for data on potential victims using a dating app. Additionally, the four suspects then played around in the matchmaking app until it switched to Line and WeChat chat apps.

“After being close, chatting more, chatting, they started having sex over the phone, for example telling them to undress, show their genitals, etc.,” Aulia said.

Auliansyah said that after the victim complied with the abuser’s desire to have sex virtually, the abuser then recorded the activity. The tapes were used to extort money from the victims. If not given, the author will distribute the recording to the victim’s cell phone contact who was previously known.

“If they don’t give money to these perpetrators, they will disseminate nude photos of their victims. There are illegal acts or criminal acts happening here. In China and Taiwan, there are many reports. “said Aulia.

Auliansyah said Taiwan police then coordinated with Jakarta Metro Police regarding the perpetrators suspected of being in Jakarta. Police then searched the perpetrators in three different locations on the night of Friday 12/11.

According to his statement, the perpetrators have been in action since last August. As for the motives of the perpetrators and the minds of this practice, they are still under investigation.

“Because it was only secure yesterday and they are still exploring their modus operandi. Also, we have problems because they do not speak Indonesian or English,” he said.

By referring to Indonesian law, suspects may be subject to article 30 junto 48 or 28 paragraph 1 junto article 45 paragraph 1 and or article 35 junto article 51 paragraph 1 of law 19 of 2016 regarding ITE. The suspects face up to five years in prison. (OL-7)

Remarks :

Previous reports indicated that Taiwanese citizens were among those arrested by police. Correct information, arrests were made on Chinese and Vietnamese nationals. The editor apologizes and the error in the news script has been corrected.


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