68 people killed in prison riots in Ecuador

68 people killed in prison riots in Ecuador

Prisoners from rival gangs in Ecuador clashed with guns, explosives and knives in a bloodbath that killed at least 68 people in the same prison where riots in September left 119 people dead.

On Saturday evening, authorities said they had regained control of Guayaquil prison for the second time in days after a spokesman for President Guillermo Lasso said fighting resurfaced earlier today between inmates from rival gangs linked to drug trafficking networks.

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During the first riots which began on Friday evening, the prisoners fought mercilessly, according to Pablo Arosemena, governor of the province of Guayas where the prison is located.

The riots began around 7 p.m. Friday when prisoners attempted to enter Block 2 of the prison where their rivals are being held, opening fire, detonating explosives and swinging machetes, and prompting police to enter.

At least 68 detainees were killed and 25 others injured, according to a statement released by the Ecuadorian prosecutor’s office on Twitter.

In the second battle on Saturday, presidential spokesman Carlos Jijon said, detainees from the other two blocs attacked each other.

He confirmed moments later that the police broke into the prison and the situation was under control.

Officials say the violence began when one of the gangs inside the prison, the Tiguerones, was left without a leader because he was released after serving part of his sentence for stealing drugs. car parts.

Other groups, feeling weak in Tiguerones with the man left, Arosemena said, continued their attacks in an attempt to crush the gang. He said their goal was to step in and commit a total slaughter.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, police in riot gear were seen climbing a bloodstained prison wall, while the body of an inmate in an orange jumpsuit lay on the prison roof surrounded by barbed wire . (AFP / Nur / OL-6)


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