There are 23 RT out of 30,470 RT in DKI Jakarta that were flooded last night

There are 23 RT out of 30,470 RT in DKI Jakarta that were flooded last night

SOME flood spots in the DKI Jakarta area caused by heavy rainfall on Friday afternoon (12/11) began to recede after officers immediately moved to deal with the flooding.

DKI Jakarta (SDA) Water Resources Chief Yusmada Faizal explained that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, through the SDA Department, continues to monitor the water level to be aware of heavy rainfall in the river upstream and monitor the height and anticipate the river. overflows. According to him, the state of the valves varies, namely normal, alert / alert 3, standby / standby 2, and alert / alert 1, namely the Sunter Hulu Sluice Gate at 8:00 p.m. WIB.

Based on DKI Jakarta SDA Department monitoring at 9:00 p.m. WIB, it rained on Friday afternoon (12/11), there were no valves with alert / alert status 1. Only a few- some, like PA Yo Sudarso 1 in standby 2, PA Flusing Ancol in standby 2, PA Rubber is in standby 3 and PA Gadung is in standby 3, while the other valves are in normal state.

“We continue to monitor the water level at the lock. The DKI Jakarta provincial government is also acting immediately by deploying agents to the flood points, so that it recedes quickly. We continue to be vigilant when de Heavy rainfall is occurring to minimize the impact of flooding in DKI Jakarta, ”he said on Friday (12/11).

Jenuri, chief of Setu village east of Jakarta, said that so far, until 7:00 p.m. WIB, there had been no flooding in Setu village. “The other vulnerable points are the hibiscus garden, the bamboo garden, Jl. Rukun, the housing of Setu Indah is still non-existent. For the housing of Setu Indah, the Rukun alley and the hibiscus park, the source of the overflow is the Cilangkap River, ”he said.

Yulian Fathiniah, chief of Cipayung village in east Jakarta, said that in his sub-district there were several places that were flooded, but by 7:00 p.m. WIB he had backed down.

Meanwhile, the head of Mampang Prapatan sub-district, Djaharuddin, informed that the puddles at several points in Mampang Prapatan district had completely disappeared. Hours earlier, Djaharuddin said, flooding in the area was observed to reach around 1 meter in a number of areas, including Kemang Raya, Kemang Utara Raya, Jalan Bank and Kemang RT 12 / RW 3.

“In anticipation, we reminded residents to go to prayer rooms and mosques in higher areas. The sub-district team is also ready with rubber dinghies, ”he said.

Based on DKI Jakarta BPBD monitoring, current flood and flood information, there are 23 RT or 0.04% of the 30,470 RT in DKI Jakarta. The condition is managed by the local Kelurahan with PPSU, DKI Jakarta BPBD TRC team, DKI Jakarta SDA office, DKI Jakarta Satpol PP, Tagana and DKI Jakarta Disgulkarmat which are expected to disappear in a short time. (OL-13)

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