The pandemic is under control, Rodalink is once again organizing cycling coaching sessions from Rodalink

The pandemic is under control, Rodalink is once again organizing cycling coaching sessions from Rodalink

SUPPORTING the development of cycling, the official distribution network of Polygon bicycle brand, Rodalink Indonesia, has reactivated the “Start at Rodalink Aja (MDRL)” program. This is a form of activity as well as a service to meet the needs and a series of information for enthusiasts, enthusiasts and the cycling community in Indonesia.

After several meetings were suspended due to the implementation of restrictions on community activities or emergency PPKM by the government since July 3, 2021, in order to flatten the transmission curve of Covid-19, now the program MDRL which was initiated in early 1021 stands. again.

MDRL itself is touted as a forum to help consumers new to the hobby of cycling, including recommending preferred bike lanes based on the type of bike they have.

At this meeting, consumers will also receive an oasis of information through a lightweight coaching program provided by cycling experts from the Rodalink Indonesia team. The material begins with instructions on choosing bike accessories according to the needs of the type of bike, tips and tricks for safe cycling, how to use the right cycling technique on protocol roads, etc.

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“We want Rodalink Indonesia to be a platform for all cyclists, beginners and advanced. Anyone can join, from individuals to communities. The PPKM is still in effect in some areas, but restrictions are starting to be relaxed for a number of possible activities. For this reason, we again invite all cyclists to come back to the MDRL activities that we organize every week with different cycling concepts, ranging from road bikes, fun rides, mountain biking and more ”, said Rae Nitta, Head of public relations of Rodalink Indonesia, in a statement. . written statement.

This activity is free or free for all. Participants will also be invited to cycle with a meeting point at one of the predetermined Rodalink outlets. “Later one of our outlets will be mapped out as a pit stop where cyclists can stop while we present our store,” he explained.

Next week, MDRL will be held on Saturday, November 20, 2021 at Rodalink SCBD outlet, Jakarta. According to the plan, later the cyclists will ride together for up to 40 km around interesting places in the city of Jakarta. They will start and end at Rodalink SCBD.

“The coaching material will this time address the ins and outs of the Gili Velo type bike. To ride together, cyclists will meet at Rodalink SCBD as a starting point, starting at 6 am ”, concluded Rae Nitta. (RO / OL-7)


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