The best management of Covid-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia

The best management of Covid-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia

GOVERNMENT of DKI Jakarta Province won the best national category award in commemoration of the 57th National Health Day (HKN) in 2021 from the Indonesian Ministry of Health for the implementation of trace isolation testing , the implementation of the K3 and Covid-19 health protocols, the implementation of the best vaccine against Covid-19 and Index Healthy Family (IKS).

“This achievement is achieved through the participation of all parties, including health workers, the support of central and regional governments, and above all the active participation of the public who want to improve their health,” said the head of the DKI Jakarta Health. Office, Widyastuti, Saturday (13/11). .

The award was given to the East Jakarta City Administration for the best implementation of the Isolation Trace Test (TLI) at the regency / city level. The East Jakarta City Administration has a traceability ratio of 25, which means that from one positive case, 25 people who became close contacts were followed up. In addition, active case finding (ACF) is carried out with precision in population areas at risk, in this case the red, orange and yellow RTs, where the scanning is carried out not only in schools, but also in centers. commercial, markets and offices. / places of business. In fact, ACF during the limited face-to-face learning period in East Jakarta City reached 18% and exceeded the target set by the Indonesian Ministry of Health by 10%.

Meanwhile, awards for the implementation of the K3 and COVID-19 health protocols were awarded to the DKI Jakarta Health Office and the DKI Jakarta Manpower, Transmigration and Energy Office. The collaboration of the two regional organizations of the device to ensure that the Covid-19 working group in the offices is able to move optimally is an important point, where the offices can actively report positive cases and then Office case data transparency can be viewed by the public through the site. . The public can also report health protocol violations that occur in their environment through the Jakarta Kini (JAKI) app.

Then, for the implementation of the best vaccination against covid-19, it was handed over to the health center of Penjaringan, north of Jakarta. The Penjaringan Health Center in North Jakarta is a pioneer in implementing overnight vaccinations and accelerating vaccination for fishermen and coastal residents on Saturdays and Sundays. The total number of vaccinations at the health center in Penjaringan, north Jakarta for dose 1 was 202,898 people and the vaccination for dose 2 was 169,484 people.

For the highest national level IKS in the urban category for the implementation of the Healthy Indonesia Program with a Family Approach (PISPK), awards were given to two puskesmas, namely Puskesmas Kelurahan Halim 1 (Rank 1) and Puskesmas Kelurahan Kelapa Gading Timur 1 (Rank 2). IKS is formed on the basis of a number of indicators, namely the family participates in the family planning program (KB), the mother gives birth in a health facility, the baby receives full basic immunizations, the family is already a member of the National Health Insurance (JKN) and others.

“This award has brought the health services of DKI Jakarta closer to achieving a healthy family in the capital,” he concluded. (OL-13)

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