MRT planted 42.9% trees to replace the impact of the phase 2 project

MRT planted 42.9% trees to replace the impact of the phase 2 project

DEVELOPMENT OF MRT Jakarta phase 2A CP 203 The contract is proceeding according to plan. Currently, one of the ongoing activities is the handling of trees affected by the construction of Glodok and Kota stations.

PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) Secretary General’s Division Chief Rendi Alhial said management is following the authorization procedure established by the provincial government of DKI Jakarta through the Investment and Service Office. single (DPMPTSP). A total of 166 trees were affected by the construction of the Glodok and Kota stations.

The contract workers will plant 1,660 replacement trees in accordance with specifications determined by the Municipal Office of Parks and Forests of DKI Jakarta Province. The planting of replacement trees is done at the same time as the relocation of the trees.

“As of November 7, 713 replacement trees have been planted, or 42.9% of the total target of 1,660 trees. The replacement tree planting area is being progressively completed on Jalan Ciputat Raya South Jakarta on land owned at DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and other locations determined by DKI Jakarta Provincial Parks and Urban Forest Service, “Rendi said in an official statement on Saturday (11/13).

A total of 86 trees (23 trees from Glodok station and 63 trees from Kota station) will be moved to a point determined by the Jakarta City Park and Forest Department DKI. After the construction of the Glodok and Kota stations is completed, all buildings, excavations and tree locations that have changed during construction will be rehabilitated in accordance with the Phase 2 MRT project design.

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“PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) strongly supports efforts to maintain carrying capacity and environmental sustainability by ensuring that the construction works carried out continue to comply with applicable regulations to preserve the environment,” said Rendi. (OL-14)


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