Mancini Optimistic of Italy wins 2022 World Cup tickets next week

Mancini Optimistic of Italy wins 2022 World Cup tickets next week

The Italian national team remains convinced of being able to secure an automatic ticket for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, even if its steps are hampered by Switzerland. The Azzurri were held in check by the Swiss, 1-1, in the seventh Group C qualifier for the 2022 World Cup Europe Zone on Saturday (13/11) early in the morning WIB.

Italy were surprised by Silvan Widmer’s hard blow from outside the penalty area in the 11th minute. However, Gli Azzurri was able to react and closed the first half with a draw, 1-1.

Italy actually had a chance to win the game when they received a penalty from the referee in the 90th minute.

However, the opportunity was wasted as Jorginho failed to fulfill his duties as a penalty taker. Chelsea’s midfielder kick even climbed over the Swiss crossbar.

Italy still lead the Group C table with 15 points from seven matches. But to have the same collection of points with Switzerland in second place who lost on goal difference.

“The players are certainly disappointed (with the failure to immediately secure a place in the 2022 World Cup final), that’s to be expected. Plus the missed penalty at the end of the game. However, I still think we can show up. in the 2022 World Cup final, “said Italy coach Roberto Mancini.

Italy must win when they travel to Northern Ireland in the final Group C game on Monday (16/11) local time. Italy must be able to win with a goal difference large enough to maintain their chances of qualifying for Qatar 2022.

Switzerland have a chance to finish first in Group C and qualify for Qatar 2022 if they manage to secure a big win with Bulgaria in the other game.

Mancini insists his team will maximize their two-goal advantage over Switzerland. The former Manchester City manager has also asked his side to play with confidence in the final game if they don’t want the 2018 nightmare of not qualifying for the World Cup to repeat itself.

Two goals are two goals. They might seem like nothing, but those two goals were our advantage. Besides, who said Bulgaria couldn’t beat Switzerland? We were a little ahead of Switzerland. Now we are going to prepare as much as possible to be able to take the victory over Northern Ireland. We will show our best game. It’s our job, ” Mancini said. (OL-13)

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