Heroes of today, make real contributions to the community

Heroes of today, make real contributions to the community

The figure of a hero is always present in the life of the people of a country. In the middle of time, the figure of a hero can be present in various types of contributions. With their diverse skills, today’s heroes emerge with real contributions to society and the country.

In the current pandemic, it is undeniable that the health workers and scientists who invented vaccines are deserving personalities and deserve to be called the heroes of today. Their contribution is very important to save lives in the face of the threat of the covid-19 virus.

One type of vaccine used is AstraZeneca patented by the University of Oxford. Unexpectedly, one of the scientists who worked to create the AztraZeneca vaccine was an Indonesian citizen named Carina Joe. In fact, he recently won the Pride Of Britain award in healthcare.

Carina is a young woman whose name is on the list of scientists who created the AstraZeneca vaccine that has been used around the world. So it is no exaggeration to say that Carina Joe is seen as a contemporary heroine who contributes not only to Indonesia, but to the world.

“I am happy that my work can be used by many people and save many lives. I work seven days a week for 16 hours due to an emergency. I was asked not to do anything wrong because it was an emergency. I was about to give up, but as a scientist we have to do our best in the midst of this pandemic, ”Carina said on Vaccine for Indonesia, episode of Heroes for All, on Metro TV, Saturday (11/13).

Besides Carina, today’s hero also deserves a pin for Ifan Ohsi. Ifan is a musician who Ifan is a very important musician for the hearing impaired in Indonesia. From the realization of the audiovisual project Qur’an Indonesia in collaboration with deaf friends, Ifan is more and more active in the care of deaf friends.

As a musician, Ifan went on to collaborate with Rocket Rockers singer and guitarist Aska. They released a song about the deaf which is excellent. Then they made a video clip involving deaf friends using sign language.

Through the song “Rasakan Dunia” he invites deaf friends to enjoy songs they cannot hear directly. Ifan’s business grew by making special masks (transparent masks) for deaf friends.

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“At first, I really wanted to do a song with movement. Then after the pandemic, I thought about what my deaf friends needed, then I finally made a transparent mask in collaboration with Kitabisa.com at first, then it continues until now, ”said Ifan .

Ifan said he had no particular desire or purpose for his movement. He said he just wanted his ideas and contributions to be useful and help the lives of people with disabilities.

“After much discussion, I know that what people with disabilities need is equality. This is why I often involve deaf friends in my work. I learned a lot from them, ”he said.

Another figure whose presence also has a great impact on the community is Edy Surata Ginting. Edy is an artist who has contributed to environmental safety. Because of his love for the environment, he turns plastic waste into beautiful paintings.

He adapted his artistic talent to his concern for the problem of plastic waste. He uses colored plastic waste as a coloring medium for his art. Non-commercial, plastic waste is becoming a means of payment for those who wish to take painting lessons. Not only that, the proceeds from the sale of his paintings are also allocated to humanitarian action for others in need.

“I want to focus on how to make something useful,” he said.

Edy said he has been working in the environment sector, specifically waste management since 2000. He did so because he was concerned about the unfinished waste problem in Indonesia.

The plastic waste it collects is not only used for painting. However, it is also used to make various handicrafts as well as materials to create learning places for children in the interior of Indonesia. (OL-7)


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