Healthcare innovations continue to emerge amid pandemic

Healthcare innovations continue to emerge amid pandemic

The INDONESIA Healthcare Forum (IndoHCF) hosted the Indonesia Healthcare Innovation Awards (IHIA) V-2021 event to appreciate innovation and healthcare technologies. Innovations in the health sector are expected to continue to expand amid the COVID-19 pandemic to contribute to society.

“This annual agenda is a proof of our (IndoHCF) commitment to continue to support and contribute to the health development of Indonesia to create an advanced, independent and physically and mentally prosperous nation,” said the president of the IndoHCF, Supriyantoro, in a press release received Saturday (13/11).

According to Supriyantoro, the pandemic situation that hit Indonesia has not held back health innovations. On the other hand, he said, the pandemic has become a catalyst or factor that has accelerated the birth of various health innovations and technologies.

According to him, innovators in the country are moving forward to build the health industry in the mirror of the COVID-19 epidemic. Until now, many medical devices and drugs are still dependent on imports.

It is hoped that the IHIA V-2021 will help accelerate the acceleration of Indonesia’s independence by building strong health facilities, infrastructure and infrastructure.

“We hope this event will further stimulate the birth of technological and health innovations never thought of before. All with the aim of improving the quality and quality of health services in Indonesia,” Supriyantoro said.

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The IHIA event is part of the CSR program of PT IDS Medical Systems Indonesia in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, BKKBN and other health sector organizations. The activity was also part of a series of National Health Day commemorations as well as the agenda of the Indonesia Healthcare Innovation Expo and the IndoHCF Annual Scientific Meeting.

IHIA V-2021 Award in five categories, namely Healthy Living Community Movement (Germas), Integrated Emergency Management System (SPGDT), Quality of Health Services (MPK), Medical Devices (alkes) and health information technology (ICT).

Stages now enter the final round of the top 10 for each category. In addition, an evaluation process will be carried out to determine the winners of the Platinum, Gold and Silver awards. (RO / OL-7)


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