The gas emission test becomes a taxpayer condition

The gas emission test becomes a taxpayer condition

POLDA Metro Jaya will enforce emissions testing regulations as a condition of tax payment. The implementation is pending PP No. 22 of 2021 regarding the implementation of environmental protection and management.

“The emission test is one of the requirements for payment of taxes, which is foreseen in the PP to be valid for 2 years from the time it was stipulated (for example) it was fixed in February 2021, it will take effect in February 2023, “Polda Jaya Kombes Sambodo Purnomo Yogo Metro Traffic and Traffic Director said at Polda Metro in South Jakarta. , Friday 12/11.

Sambodo said the application of the emissions test ticket, which was scheduled for November 13, 2021, has been postponed.

The reason is that the metro police, together with the transport department and the environmental department of DKI Jakarta, will carry out inspections as part of the socialization.

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“The team must perform random inspections of the vehicles,” Sambodo said.

The plan is that the agent will only reprimand before the issue test ticket goes into effect without a ticket.

If a vehicle exceeds the emission quality standard, it will receive action in the form of a warning.

Vehicle owners, Sambodo continued, will be urged to repair their vehicle systems.

“So that it can pass the authorized exhaust gas quality standards.” Take action against exhaust emissions testing, as regulated by Pergub 66 of 2020, ”he said.

Another reason Polda Metro is delaying ticketing is because it wants to make sure that there are adequate emission testing facilities in place beforehand.

To carry out emissions tests, the metro police must prepare at least 500 workshops for four-wheeled vehicles and 1,400 for two-wheelers.

“To be able to cover vehicles from all over Jakarta that are 3 years old. The number is around 4.5 million vehicles with 4 wheels and more, and 14 million motorcycles, ”concluded Sambodo. (OL-4)


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