Subsidies for private teachers in Jakarta increase by 10%

Subsidies for private teachers in Jakarta increase by 10%

DKI Jakarta DPRD approved the General Fiscal Policy (KUA) and DKI Jakarta Temporary Budget Ceiling Priority (PPAS) of Rs 84.88 trillion for APBD 2022.

DKI Jakarta DPRD Vice President Zita Anjani said the budget for 2022, especially the Office of Education, prioritized the well-being of teachers.

“We from the PAN faction encourage this, in the discussion we ask that this be raised. Because we understand that the condition of private tutors today must be seriously taken into account,” Zita said in her statement on Friday. (12/11).

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Moreover, as a teacher, he sees the condition of private teachers. With average conditions forced to seek secondary employment in order to survive. Because education income is still relatively low.

“Alhamdulillah, that night the hammer blow increased by 10%. Of course, this is good news for my brothers and sisters, IGTKI, IGRA, HIMPAUDI and PGRI. We have to keep it and solve it,” did he declare.

He also hopes that all parties should focus and pay attention to the plight of private teachers. (OL-7)


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