IPB Tani Center presents the Campus Merdeka Sawah program

IPB Tani Center presents the Campus Merdeka Sawah program

The issue of regeneration of young Indonesian farmers has received serious attention from the Tani Center of the Agricultural University of Bogor (IPB). With the aim of encouraging the growth of young farmers, the Tani Center presents them through the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka (MBKM) program at the Sawah Merdeka Campus. Students from these five universities will be spread across 11 locations in various regions of Indonesia.

“The presence of the MBKM program on the Sawah Merdeka campus should foster the love of the younger generation for agriculture and the agricultural profession,” said the director of the Tani University Center of the IPB, Dr Hermanu Triwidodo, in a statement. official press release, Thursday (11/11). The MBKM program at the Sawah Merdeka campus was marked by a general stadium lecture on the topic of the growing love of the younger generations for agriculture and the farming profession on Wednesday 10/11. This public lecture featured Dr Hermanu Triwidodo and Exciyona Adistika, S.KPm.

Hermanu said that the presence of the MBKM program on the Sawah Merdeka campus was a tangible manifestation of the contribution of the IPB Tani Center to the response to various agricultural issues. “As an agricultural information service unit under the auspices of LPPM IPB University, the Tani Center also supports programs published by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, ”Hermanu said.

Hermanu hopes that students involved in the MBKM program at the Sawah Merdeka campus will have the knowledge, understanding and skills in plant breeding and the sustainable seed industry. In addition, he said, the parties involved will be honed in their ability to think critically by solving problems, being creative, communicative, integrative and collaborative. “We will not forget that we will also grow and strengthen the capacity of a social entrepreneurship and have a national perspective,” he said.

Exciyona also explained that this program involved 233 students. All the students were from IPB University, Wiralodra University, Bojonegoro University, Mahasaraswati University and STIPER Flores Bajawa. “In this program, we also involve 16 professors from the five universities,” he explained.

The types of activities carried out, Exciyona said, include scientific development, descending students to the village, and writing publications and reports designed by the team at the MBKM Tani Center at IPB University. In this program, three activities will be converted into nine credits, namely the scientific development of rice breeding and the development of the seed industry (3 credits), village activities (4 credits) and publications and reports (2 credits) .

Exciyona explained again that the villages that will be used as places of study for the students are located in 11 locations. “The locations range from West Java (Indramayu and Subang), Central Java (Kebumen, Klaten, Magelang, Sragen and Tegal), East Java (Blitar and Bojonegoro), Bali (Gianyar) and East Nusa Tenggara (Bajawa)” explained -he. .

For the results that students obtain from Pusaka MBKM, namely obtaining nine credits, direct assistance from the IPB Tani Center and the Nusantara Farmer Movement (GPN), mentoring opportunities with expert advice and practitioners of the IPB Tani Center, helping to advance Indonesian agriculture and obtaining certificates. “The learning strategies that will be applied are scientific development or conferences conducted online, village activities performed offline and publications and reports produced online and offline,” Exciyona explained.

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Regarding the setting up of scientific developments or conferences, it will begin on November 15, 2021 until January 2022. “Activities in the village will begin in early December and end in January 2022. In addition, publications and reports will begin in January 2022 ”, Excyona clarified. (OL-14)


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