Honda launches new Turing CB150X motorcycle, known to be comfortable for everyday use and long distances

Honda launches new Turing CB150X motorcycle, known to be comfortable for everyday use and long distances

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) introduced Indonesia’s first 150cc adventure touring sports motorcycle, the new CB150X. The presence of this model is the answer for people who like a challenge and need the right driving partner when they go on an adventure to explore the natural beauty of Indonesia.

As a pioneer in its class, the new CB150X features an adventure touring design and the feel of a big motorcycle, a comfortable riding position, as well as a variety of advanced features that can provide optimum driving performance.

Equipped with a liquid-cooled 150cc DOHC engine, this model delivers responsive performance and a tougher adventure feel in everyday riding or long distances.

PT AHM Managing Director Keiichi Yasuda said the new CB150X has been presented to meet the needs of consumers who have an adventurous spirit, like to explore new places and enjoy the macho look and challenges when driving. Its rugged performance is able to provide a more enjoyable long distance driving experience.

“The new CB150X is here like an extraordinary touring sport bike, with a rugged adventure touring design, a variety of advanced features and the best technology. We hope that the new CB150X can be an option for those of you who want a new feeling of driving and adventure. We believe this model is capable of providing a pride that can be felt directly by the driver, ”said Yasuda.

The new CB150X comes with an adventure touring look and a rugged feel that is seen in the body design. The presence of a liquid-cooled 150cc DOHC engine with a 6-speed transmission is able to deliver powerful and responsive driving performance, especially in the midst of rocky roads.

Supported by the PGM-FI injection combustion system, this model is environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.

AHM Senior Executive Vice President Johannes Loman said the presence of the new CB150X is one of AHM’s efforts to present increasingly diverse driving options, while providing a fun and meaningful experience during the ride. of exploring this country.

Indonesia, which is rich in diverse cultures and beautiful destinations, is becoming more and more interesting for Honda motorcycle enthusiasts to explore with the new CB150X as the perfect driving partner.

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“The new CB150X may be a new choice for those of you who are adventurous in self-actualization as a hobby and looking for a memorable new driving experience by exploring cultural diversity and natural beauty. of this country we love. We are optimistic that this latest model is capable of bringing fun while exploring, fulfilling the dreams of adventure touring sportbike enthusiasts in the country, ”Loman said.

Reinforcing the impression of an exceptional adventure sport bike, this model is equipped with various support features for the users, such as a high windshield. To make driving easier, the fully digital panel meter features a large display with a strong print capable of showing various information including gear position, average A and B fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption and time.

The use of a tapered handlebar and a high handlebar position makes the rider more manly and more comfortable when riding in town or over long distances with an ergonomic upright position. The design of the wide fuel tank cover and futuristic front fender further enhance the appearance of this model.

The illumination of the front, rear and turn signal lights used modern LED lighting system technology, making the appearance of this pioneer of the 150cc adventure sport motorcycle even more durable.

Incorporating an inverted front suspension on the new CB150X can improve driving stability in everyday life or over long distances, especially on damaged and stony roads. The new suspension makes handling more agile, providing the best control that meets the needs of adventurous motorsport enthusiasts.

The rugged front suspension design, adventure-style lower cowl, and the integration of wave disc brakes on the front and rear wheels provide braking stability and appear sportier and class-leading.

Having the smallest ground clearance as high as 180mm makes the new CB150X more manly and easier to traverse in various conditions. Various excellent features present in this model have been arranged and aligned using a sophisticated engineering system.

The new CB150X is available in Volcano Matte Black, Glossy Red & Matte Green, and can now be ordered from Honda dealers in a price range of Rp. 32 million to Rp. 35 million. (RO / OL-7)


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