Gait de PGRI participates in the advancement of education in the south of Tangerang

Gait de PGRI participates in the advancement of education in the south of Tangerang

To commemorate the anniversary of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), the city of South Tangerang organized an educational seminar on the theme Free Learning in the Context of 21st Century Learning. This activity took place on the University Campus of Pamulang (Unpam), Setu, South Tangerang (Tangsel)

The deputy mayor of Tangerang Sud, Pilar Saga Ichsan, appreciated the activity. He believes that the activities organized by PGRI will have a positive impact on educational services in the city of Tangerang Sud.

“Representing the government of South Tangerang City, we warmly welcome the activities organized by PGRI to advance education in South Tangerang,” said MP Pilar Saga.

He hopes that this activity will benefit all participants. Because by doing so, PGRI can help the government of the southern city of Tangerang improve the quality of educational services.

In addition, this series of PGRI activities also coincides with a series of activities for the anniversary of the city of South Tangerang which will fall on November 26 so that it can be included in the anniversary series of the city. from South Tangerang.

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Pilar explained that currently the educational process in the midst of a pandemic has gradually improved. Face-to-face learning (PTM) has been carried out in several schools.

“While leading the PTM, we are also constantly striving to increase herd immunity by distributing vaccines,” Pilar said, adding that vaccines were also given to students who took the PTM.

Currently, 79 percent of people in southern Tangerang are known to have been vaccinated. It is expected that this year, 100 percent of citizens will have vaccinated at least the first dose of vaccine.

“I hope that this activity can bring many benefits to teachers to produce quality human resources”, concluded Pilar (OL-7)


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