Empower by working in the virtual world

Empower by working in the virtual world

EVERY week to be precise on Sunday, it is almost certain that Irma Suryati’s house, which is by the side of the highway, in Karangsari village, Buayan district, Kebumen, is definitely crowded. Those who come are people with disabilities. Not only to keep in touch, Irma deliberately invites to share with them.

“During the pandemic, I was affected by it. Especially them. Therefore, I invited people with disabilities here to receive compensation. Since starting to open a business, I have been determined to put aside 20% of the profit for various purposes, especially for people with disabilities. Indeed, during the pandemic my turnover decreased so that the funds for sharing were also reduced. The important thing is that it there is still something that can be distributed to them, ”Irma said.

Every month at least Rp. 15 million to help people with disabilities.

There are various forms, such as groceries and cash. If the profit condition decreases, the distribution of aid will also decrease. “That’s why, as much as possible, I have to try to make a profit. At least I distribute Rp 15million, but on average Rp 20-50million every month.”

During the pandemic, Irma admitted that she was paying more attention to the condition of people with disabilities. From the previous one which could not work because the control of the carpet had fallen to then go up while making masks. There are 300 disabled people who are physically unable to sew.

Before the pandemic, they weren’t working. However, during the pandemic, an idea emerged which was to empower them as marketers in cyberspace.

Of the 300 disabled people who cannot sew, 32 of them have now been empowered to become distributors of Mutiara Handycraft products via social networks.

“Some are done through personal social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, TIC Tac, up to Washington. In addition, there are also people with disabilities who market through: Marlet. So far pretty good marketing through Marlet. I regret why it is only now that I realize that they can be empowered to become marketing personnel in cyberspace. That’s okay, what is certain is that the pandemic period is actually bringing up ideas that were previously unthinkable, ”he said.

One of the disabled partners is Sutarno.

He wasn’t able to sew to produce doormats, but he turned out to have the capabilities as a marketing manager. “Mas Tarno’s turnover is quite decent. In the last month he was able to generate a turnover of up to 4 million rupees. He is no longer ashamed as a disabled person. markets Mutiara Handycraft products via social media both Instagram, Facebook, WASHINGTON, or TIC Tac. Thank goodness he is competent, ”he explained.

Even though there are only 32 people with disabilities who have become marketing partners, Irma is still not discouraged in motivating others. He had a lack of empowerment when the pandemic arrived. Irma proves that she is a person who does not curse the dark, but tries to light a lamp to light up the darkness. (Lilik Darmawan / N-1)


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