Difficult to add green space in Jakarta, DKI provincial government will add green space in Bodetabekjur

Difficult to add green space in Jakarta, DKI provincial government will add green space in Bodetabekjur

The DKI provincial government has long struggled to increase the amount of open green space (RTH) in the capital region. The high price of land and the difficulty in finding land that can be purchased for green spaces are the two reasons why the percentage of green space in DKI is stagnating at 9% compared to the assumed 30%.

DKI Jakarta deputy governor Ahmad Riza Patria or colloquially known as Ariza, also said his party had coordinated with the central government, including the Ministry of Land and Land Use Planning. (ATR) to discuss this regulation.

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He continued that the development of green spaces in the Bodetabekjur area could also be achieved as the management of the Jakarta flood requires comprehensive measures, including in the upstream area.

“When it comes to open green spaces, not only in Jakarta but in Bodetabek Punjur including Puncak, Bogor, Bekasi, all are an integral part of Jakarta and need to support each other, therefore more and wider green spaces are needed. “Ariza said at Jakarta City Hall on Thursday 11/11.

The development of green space in Puncak, he added, is a faster, easier and cheaper step for the government to fill the 21% shortage of green space in Jakarta as a catchment area. ‘water.

“In addition, we know that Jakarta is a very low area, the water sent from the higher areas can be overcome, especially by enlarging the open green spaces in the upstream area, including the construction of the Cimahi and Ciawi reservoirs, which will hopefully be operational by the end of this year, ”he said.

Previously, the ministry of ATR / BPN had planned to move the realization of open green spaces (RTH) from DKI Jakarta to Puncak region, Bogor, in order to overcome the flood problem in Jakarta and ensure environmental improvements. in the upstream area. (OL-6)


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