Central Jakarta police investigator violating code of ethics reported to Propam

Central Jakarta police investigator violating code of ethics reported to Propam

An unscrupulous investigator named Nugroho Nurhayadi who served in the Jakarta Central Metro Police Department has been reported to the Propam Division of the National Police for alleged violations of the code of professional conduct.

The investigator with the rank of Aiptu was reported by a lawyer named Syahrial Aftar. “It’s true (I marked it in red),” Syahrial said when contacted on Friday (11/12).

The complaint was filed regarding the police report handling process with LP / 4326 / VII / 2019 / PMJ / DITRESKRIMUM on July 17, 2019. The journalist is a resident of Tegal Alur, Kalideres, West Jakarta, named The Tiau Hok. The report was made by his lawyer, Jus Sunardi.

While the parties reported are Chandra Gunawan, Andreas Solaeman and Bunian Leo. The three parties reported are suspected of having violated articles 264 and / or 266 of the penal code relating to the offense of entering letters and / or entering false information in an authentic instrument. Investigators identified the three as suspects.

The complainant argued that the process of investigating and investigating the case was allegedly unprofessional, leading the reported parties to be named suspects. However, on July 30, 2021, the suspect’s determination against the three complainants was declared invalid. The case is declared to have stopped its investigation or SP3.

This is known by the investigation closure notification letter numbered B / 5822 / VII / Res.1.9 / 2021 / Restro. Jakpus dated July 30, 2021, which was sent to the Chief Prosecutor of the Central District of Jakarta on August 2, 2021. After the case was delivered, the plaintiffs had yet to initiate any pre-trial proceedings.

Meanwhile, based on the Notification of Investigative Audit Results (SPHAI-2) numbered B / 246 / X / WAS.2.1. / 2021 / Rowabrof from Divpropam Police Headquarters on October 27, 2021 , Nugroho said that Nugroho found a violation of the police professional ethics code.

Nugroho is suspected of having violated article 7, paragraph (1), letter C, article 14, letters D and K of the National Police Chief’s Regulation No. 1. 14 of 2011 concerning the Police Code of Ethics

This case became even more interesting after the names of Tiau Hok’s wife, Julio, and his lawyer, Iming Tesalonika, were also implicated in the case. Based on the data collected, investigators Nugroho reportedly collaborated with Julio and Iming.

Julio, through Iming, donated money, allegedly for giving Nugroho tens of millions of rupees. The money was transferred to Nugroho’s account.

Iming did not deny that the money was given to Nugroho. Iming assured that his party will respond to Nugroho’s request so that his business can also be attended.

“Nugroho asks for money like a journalist, doesn’t he. Make a (photo) copy, gasoline, his mother is sick, mourn a neighbor etc. I will help so that my business is helped” Iming said via his WhatsApp message on Wednesday (11/10/2021).

However, Iming admitted that the money was returned by Nugroho. “Help lend funds to other fellow law enforcement professionals, and the funds have been returned,” he said.

Meanwhile, Julio himself did not respond when contacted when asked for his name who was involved in the Nugroho ethics violation case.

It is known that the Indonesian National Police (Polri) issued a telegram on behalf of the National Police Chief with the number: ST / 2162 / X / HUK.2.8. / 2021 which was signed by the head of the Propam Division of the national police, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, Monday (10/18/2021).

In point 11 of the telegram, it is pointed out that to punish / strict sanctions those members who are proven to have violated discipline or the code of ethics as well as criminal acts, especially those related to acts of excessive violence and direct hierarchical superiors who do not exercise supervision and control according to their responsibilities. (OL-13)

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