Elkan Baggott admits he has no difficulty communicating with the national team

Elkan Baggott admits he has no difficulty communicating with the national team

Center-back Elkan Baggot admitted he had no difficulty communicating with the Indonesian national team, where the majority of players speak Indonesian.

“I don’t think there is a problem,” Elkan said at Bung Karno Intermediate Stadium in Jakarta on Wednesday 10/11.

Elkan, whose father is British and thousands of Indonesians, speaks English in his daily activities. Currently Elkan is also listed as a player for English club Ipswich Town.

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In the national team, the languages ​​used are Korean and Indonesian. Indeed, the coaching staff of the Garuda team, namely head coach Shin Tae-yong and his assistants, namely Kim Bong-soo, Shin Sang-gyu and Choi In-cheol, are citizens of South Korea (South Korea).

The coaches were also assisted by a Korean to Indonesian translator, namely Jeong Seok-seo or Jojo to interact with the players.

In addition to Jojo, national team assistant coach Yoo Jae-hoon, who has lived in Indonesia since 2010, also serves as a translator.

Even though hardly anyone speaks English on the pitch, Elkan Baggott doesn’t have a problem working with the national team.

Because some Indonesian national team players are fluent in English. This language is often used by Shin Tae-yong to communicate directly with Elkan.

“Coach Shin often translates Korean directly into English for me. Coach’s English is good. So I feel good,” Elkan said.

Elkan Baggott is a rookie in the senior Indonesian national team. Previously, the 19-year-old Thai-born footballer had bolstered the Indonesian national under-19 team in several test matches.

Currently, Elkan and his colleagues from the Indonesian national team are preparing for the AFF Cup 2020 from December 2021. Training camps (TC) are held in Jakarta and Turkey.

The foster children of trainer Shin Tae-yong are due to leave for Turkey on Thursday (11/11).

In Turkey, in addition to training, the Indonesian national team will also play an international friendly match between FIFA and Afghanistan on Tuesday (16/11) and Myanmar on Thursday (25/11).

In the AFF Cup 2020, Indonesia, which is in Group B with Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos, will play its first match on December 9, 2021 against Cambodia.

Then Indonesia will face Laos on December 12, 2021, Vietnam three days later, and Malaysia on December 19, 2021.

All Indonesian national team matches take place at Bishan Stadium, Singapore. The AFF Cup 2020 was held at the center due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Ant / OL-1)


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