Course for community well-being, is it possible?

Course for community well-being, is it possible?

INDONESIA is ranked in the top five for the world’s largest population after the United States, China and India, with a population of over 250 million people spread from Sabang to Merauke. Indonesia’s large population causes various types of problems, including social, educational, criminal, environmental, welfare, and economic.

One of the problems which so far is very serious and even chronic is the economy. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has worsened the country’s economic situation. The growing need to live, the large population and the failure to come with a wide range of employment opportunities have become a separate issue, especially at the lower-middle level of society.

Although the government has expanded employment opportunities, if the basic necessities of life increase and prices skyrocket, the wages or salaries of workers are only sufficient to meet their daily needs without any economic improvement. The result is economic inequality in society, so that high, middle and low income classes emerge.

The people of Indonesia at this time, the majority are young people who will turn into productive age. This means that in the future Indonesia will experience what is called a demographic bonus. This means that 15-64 year olds will dominate the Indonesian population more than 0-14 year olds or 64 and over.

According to data from Bappenas, Indonesia will experience a demographic bonus in 2030, with the productive age prevailing around 64% of the total population of around 297 million people that year. So, it can be said that in 2030, Indonesia has a lot of people ready to work and clearly having a positive impact on the progress of the country. The dominant productive age level and birth rate is higher than the death rate, in the sense that life expectancy in Indonesia is increasing. Indonesia has entered the demographic bonus period (2020-2030).

The extraordinary event in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 has become a big enough obstacle for Indonesia to prepare its generation to face the demographic bonus. As a result, many commercial actors have closed their doors, laid off their jobs and are unemployed due to limitations in community activities. This stuff greatly affects the Indonesian economy as a whole and falls on the brink of recession, or the Indonesian economy can easily fall and collapse.

Nonetheless, preparations for the preparations started with the government, both opening doors for investment, expanding employment opportunities, increasing small and medium-sized businesses, as well as skills courses for the starting community. to be active and Indonesia is starting to develop and be really serious about the demographic bonus with its head held high and optimistic.

Come on, Kemendikbud-Ristek style class

The current productive age who is ready to work to build the economy through various efforts, one of which is building personal skills, even young people in some fields are starting to take steps to help revive the Indonesian economy .

Creative companies and start-ups or Start many have emerged and these efforts were initiated by young people.

In order to compensate for the above trend, courses and other types of training geared towards improving the quality of human resources (HR) are needed. While there are restrictions on government-led community activities aimed at reducing the impact of the pandemic, those in creative business have not lost their minds. They operate in a digital social world that doesn’t need to meet in person to complete a transaction.

The existence of such information technology clearly makes it easier for creative actors to create and start their business, although with insufficient capital they actually can.

Thanks to advances in technology and information, the emergence of businesses and businesses Start based in line reducing the unemployment rate and productive ages are not in vain.

The government also sees this opportunity as a new way to maximize the demographic bonus for the next 10 years. There is a coaching course Start, training in the use of digital social media promoted by the government, in this case the Ministry of Education and Research and Technology through the Ayo Course program, is a way to overcome economic problems.

In this era of pandemic, high wages are not that important to the community. As long as he has a job, it is clear that he has social status in the community. Regardless of the salary earned, it is number two for the company right now. More importantly, when an individual has sufficient income to meet their daily needs and can help the environment around them, it can elevate the individual’s social status in the eyes of society.

Creative enterprise is a solution for society at this time, precisely when employment opportunities shrink and the number of unemployed increases. The existence of a creative enterprise can be a means of expanding employment and reducing the number of existing unemployed.

In this way, the government should focus more on the development of creative enterprises, promoting curricula, for the improvement skills and personal skills which ultimately boost the country’s economy.

The government should also encourage the lower middle class to actively participate in the creation of creative businesses and get involved in courses. skills, considering that the lower middle class still dominates in Indonesia.

The government must also work with the institutions or parties concerned to bridge the gap between the interests of the state and the needs of the community. In this way, it is possible that over the next 10 years Indonesia will actually reach the expected demographic bonus and be a breath of fresh air for the ideals of Indonesia namely Golden Indonesia 2045.

In short, thanks to this kind of effort, we hope that our creative efforts can be optimistic and fight upright in the national or international market, which will ultimately have a positive impact on the macroeconomics of the company. In the end, the acceleration of the economy has accelerated, the daily needs of the community are being met. Thus, the face of Indonesia’s socio-economic well-being at the micro or macro level will be bright.


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