Usmar Ismail’s film figure named national hero

Usmar Ismail’s film figure named national hero

President Joko Widodo attended the 2021 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) Peak Party held at JCC Senayan, Jakarta on Wednesday 10/11.

On this occasion, Jokowi also expressed his gratitude to the Indonesian filmmakers who have succeeded in making their films triumph in international film festivals. Edwin (Like revenge, desire must be paid for in full), Kamila Andini (Yuni), Monic Tedja (Is dear to me) and Tumpal Tampubolon (The sea calls me).

Jokowi also made his remarks regarding the nomination of Usmar Ismail as a national hero.

“It’s very good that in the midst of a very difficult pandemic, there are a lot of works” that exceed our expectations with the quality of the process, which I think is all depressed because of the pandemic but can produce good works. us for the Indonesian film industry. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies and Gentlemen, 66 years ago Mr. Haji Usmar Ismail and Mr. Djamaluddin Malik launched the implementation of the FFI as the highest celebration and recognition for the Indonesian film industry. Therefore, this year, this morning, as the highest appreciation for the cultural warriors for the name of the nation and the state, I confer the title of national hero on Mr. Haji Usmar Ismail, the father of Indonesian cinema. Jokowi said Wednesday night (10/11).

“We must maintain the fighting spirit of the fighters of the father of Indonesian cinema by creating quality works that show the superiority of our character as a nation and unparalleled cultural richness. During the pandemic, the Indonesian film industry has won many brilliant achievements internationally. “Achievements that surpass other Southeast Asian countries. I see there are different angles of history taken,” Jokowi continued.

Jokowi also hopes that filmmakers and all actors in Indonesian cinema continue to cultivate big dreams, explore and tell unique stories. (M-4)


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