PSSI General Chairman expects the right person to advance West Java football

PSSI General Chairman expects the right person to advance West Java football

The election of the president of the West Java PSSI should produce the right figure, namely a serious figure who is totally concerned with football. This is very important as there are many football clubs and schools in the province which, if managed properly, can produce quality athletes.

The statement and hope was conveyed by PSSI General President Mr. Iriawan when asked for his opinion regarding the selection process for the PSSI West Java President to be held on November 27.

“Football coaching in West Java must be managed by a serious personality,
have free time, have strong energy and stamina, “he said on Wednesday

According to him, in West Java there are dozens of football clubs and hundreds of football clubs.
soccer school. Everything needs serious attention from PSSI Jawa
Where is.

“In West Java there are dozens of football clubs and hundreds of SSBs that need the support of Asprov PSSI,” he said.

The man who is familiarly called Iwan Bule, is optimistic that West Java will be able to produce reliable football players if there is good management, especially at an early age.

“Competition in all age groups must be playable, so that it can arise
quality football players. We hope that West Java football athletes will become professional players in the increasingly promising football industry, ”he hoped.

In addition, Iwan appreciated the many applicants who registered as
Candidate for President of PSSI West Java. This indicates that more and more personalities are concerned with sport.

“Of course, I will appreciate the personalities of West Java who have
concern and concern for the development of football in West Java.
The number of personalities who present themselves as candidates for the presidency
I really liked this West Java PSSI Asprov. This shows
Football training in West Java will continue to increase, ”he said.

However, as the chairman of the football association at the central level, Iwan promised to protect whoever was elected. “The presidential candidates are certainly the best sons of West Java. In the future, I hope that President West Java Asprov will emerge who can be the father of West Java football with integrity, is ready to be born and in mind, is determined to advance the achievements of West Java football, is able to synergize with the government and has new ideas, ”he said.

Thus, continues Iwan, the existence of a regional PSSI can reduce the financial burden that must be borne by the club. “For example, a lively competition that does not weigh on member clubs or that is not remunerated. of a sports center for West Java football, “he said. (N-2)


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