Jakarta-Bandung bullet train asset thief arrested

Jakarta-Bandung bullet train asset thief arrested

The main construction of the Jakarta Bandung Fast Train (KCJB) project is declared safe despite the theft of 118 tons of iron from the project at DK0 + 600 Halim, Cipinang Melayu, Makasar, East Jakarta. The case is revealed
October 30.

This incident had no effect since the stolen irons were not
part of the main construction element of the KCJB track, but only
iron for temporary support needs.

KCIC Secretary General Mirza Soraya said the theft of
the iron-iron activities were carried out by the perpetrators in the wee hours of the morning by breaking into the railing of the construction area.

“The main construction of KCJB is safe. The stolen iron is only for temporary support purposes such as H-beams, scaffolding and
etc. No reinforcing steel used in track construction
or stations, “he explained, Tuesday, September 11.

Mirza stressed that currently his party has strengthened security in the region
across the region, including working closely with police and local community leaders. The guardhouse and video surveillance have also been added
especially in places subject to theft.

Then, the guardrail was raised and reinforced so that
not easy to break. There is also an increase in resource mobilization for
carry out periodic checks and inspections of materials and
ancillary equipment, as well as to conduct more examinations and monitoring

“All parts of the KCJB project continue to improve the maximum security of KCJB project assets, especially at vulnerable points, so that similar incidents do not happen again. We are also working with the police and local community leaders, ”said Mirza.

From October 30 to November 6, 2021, Makassar police managed to arrest five of the nine perpetrators of the theft after carrying out periodic surveillance.

From the arrests, 7 pieces of evidence in the form of a 6-meter H-beam and a van used by the perpetrators to transport the stolen iron were confiscated. So far, 4 authors still have DPO status.

“The contractor has coordinated with the subcontractor as well as with the security of the police of Makasar Pinang Ranti regarding this case. Five perpetrators have been arrested and evidence has been confiscated,” Mirza added.

Regarding the alleged involvement of insiders, Mirza said that so far
there is no indication yet on this subject. He said his
fully hand over the investigation of the theft case to the third party
police and will support efforts to arrest the perpetrators
complete flight. (N-2)


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