CPNS case, victim’s lawyer ready to submit video evidence of Anies name

CPNS case, victim’s lawyer ready to submit video evidence of Anies name

The LAWYER of the alleged victim of CPNS fraud by Nia Daniaty’s child, Olivia Nathania, will present video evidence using the name Anies Baswedan at the unveiling of a fake CPNS.

In addition, the reporting party will submit a number of documents to support the verification of the alleged fictitious civil servant candidate by Olivia Nathania.

“First of all, we are going to submit the video which used Anies Baswedan yesterday. We have not submitted it yet and we also have a letter document,” said the plaintiff’s lawyer, Odie Hodianto, when he said. was contacted on Wednesday (11/10).

Meanwhile, his party has also said that all witnesses linked to the case have been questioned. This includes witnesses from the reported party who confirmed that the reason Olivia conducted tutoring activities was not true.

“But the point is that all the witnesses were interviewed, including the witnesses of the reported party. The point is that the names called Olivia who worked for her as a teaching assistant denied. All denied that one entrusted us with the same task as Mrs. Oliv to be the tutor, ”he explained. .

He himself will be present at Polda Metro Jaya today (10/11) at 3:00 p.m. WIB. In addition to submitting new evidence, the complainant will also be asked to provide additional information by investigators. “I’ll open them all later,” he explained.

Previously, lawyer for victim Odie had said that during the inauguration of the CPNS test carried out by Olivia Nathania, Governor Anies Baswedan appeared to be present at the event. (HD / OL-09)


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