Tira Persikabo claims not to violate Alex Dos Santos salary rules

Tira Persikabo claims not to violate Alex Dos Santos salary rules

La Liga 1 club management Tira Persikabo believe they have done things under PSSI rules regarding the salary of former player Alex Dos Santos.

Cited from a written statement received on Monday (8/11), the management of Tira Persikabo said that everything related to the adjustment of income during the COVID-19 pandemic refers to the decision of PSSI.

“All the players, including Alex Dos Santos, have declared that they accept and accept the pay cut,” Tira Persikabo management wrote.

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According to Tira Persikabo, there are at least three PSSI decrees regarding player salaries during the COVID-19 pandemic that they implemented, namely, first of all, decree number SKEP / 48 / III / 2020 regarding the competition of the 2020 seasons of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. in a state of condition Certain disasters linked to the Covid-19 virus emergency.

In the letter, it was written: “The salary for March, April, May and June 2020 is a maximum of 25% of the employment contract.”.

Second, the PSSI decree number SKEP / 53 / VI / 2020 concerning the pursuit of competition in exceptional circumstances in 2020.

“When the actual competition begins, the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs may agree on changes to the value of the contract in the previously agreed employment agreement, namely changes to the value of the League contract. 1 of the order of 50%. “

Finally, decree number SKEP / 69 / XI / 2020 concerning the postponement of all competitions to 2020.

Tira Persikabo’s management also confirmed that they will mediate and promote deliberation to resolve the dispute with Alex Dos Santos.

However, the management of the club nicknamed Laskar Padjajaran regretted the attitude of Alex Dos Santos who reported them to the FIFA Litigation Body through his lawyer, Pedro Macierinha.

In addition, they are also disappointed that the Brazilian player has posted content on social media regarding his salary issue.

“It is as if the management of Persikabo does not pay attention to the well-being of the players and creates negative opinions on the part of the Indonesian people,” wrote the management of Persikabo.

Alex Dos Santos strengthens Tira Persikabo in 2020-2021. Currently, the 31-year-old striker wears the Persita uniform.

Alex’s dispute with Tira began with his upload to Instagram social media on October 29, 2021, who said the 75% pay cut in March 2020 was uninformed and no deal.

Alex admitted that the situation made it difficult for him to pay his son’s school fees and provide for his family. (Ant / OL-1)


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