The story of the tragedy in Senandung Sendu’s debut album

The story of the tragedy in Senandung Sendu’s debut album

Senandung Sendu, the duo led by Adi Victory and Visi Natalia has just released their first album, Actually Deja, Sunday (7/11).

Previously, they released a single called Senandung Sendu in 2018.

On their first album, there are six tracks that sum up the tragedies that have happened.

For example, the track Rayu Biru was premiered seven days after the Anyer’s tsunami. Meanwhile, the Manu-sia track was created from the Surabaya bombing in 2018. Although it opened with the number “O Rain” which was quite “merry”, the rest of the track was built with a lyrical feel.

The tracks from the Actually Deja album were created from poems by Adi Victory, which were later translated by Visi. Adi, who is also of Chinese descent, shares his feelings and anxieties as a human about the memories and stories of the 1998 tragedy in Maybe Too Morning, which is also the closing track.

“In fact, it’s an album about people, the tragedies that have happened and the feelings that follow. We hope that in the future Senandung Sendu songs will become our reminder of a human being’s long journey, ”Adi said in a press release received by Media Indonesia on Monday (8/11). (RO / M-2)


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