Explore the immersive illustrations of Chef WillGoz’s Kecombrang taco recipe

Explore the immersive illustrations of Chef WillGoz’s Kecombrang taco recipe

Tired of the same old going out activities? From today until November 21, you can enjoy 350 “Faces of the Wall” themed works of art from 350 local artists in Ashta District 8 for free, in collaboration with Bintang Crystal. Of course, always following the applicable health protocols!

The theme of “Face to the Wall” itself raises confidence in expression, regardless of the judgment of others. This is in accordance with the mild taste exhibited by Bintang Crystal to make the audience cooler at all times. Inspired by this, graffiti artist from Jakarta, Harishazka Fauzan, presented his take on Bintang Crystal’s “cold” vibe in the medium “Muka Tembok”. You can find his work in the Melting Pot (Atrium) area of ​​Ashta District 8.

Not only that, the feeling of enjoying the “Face the Wall” art exhibition is also made more immersive thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology. During your visit, you will receive a blank sheet of “Face to Wall” paper bearing the Crystal Star logo. You can be creative and color the canvas however you like, then you can scan it and access it on the App Store and Play Store with the keyword “Face Wall AR”. Your work will immediately come to life and can be “pulled” from various aesthetic angles in Ashta District 8.

In addition to exhibitions of local artists from various categories such as graffiti, tattoos, paintings, art toys and illustrations, there are also indoor and outdoor musical performances by Kallula, Elephant Kind, Fun on a Weekend, Reality Club, in-house DJ shows. The right choice for chilling after work, of course accompanied by Bintang Crystal!

“The collaboration between Bintang Crystal and Ashta District 8 is our effort to be closer to consumers while providing many entertainment alternatives for their moments of relaxation. Our survey of thousands of Bintang Crystal consumers in Generation Y and Z age groups found that 46% of them like Bintang Crystal to be enjoyed while relaxing after work hours. The rest, they enjoy this beer while relaxing in the open space, watching movies and as friends to eat, ”said Jessica Setiawan, Marketing Director of Multi Bintang Indonesia.

For those of you who still choose to do activities at home, don’t worry! Bintang Crystal has also collaborated with Chef William Gozali (WillGoz) to bring a taste adventure to your home cooking.

After drawing inspiration from hundreds of followers on social media, Chef WillGoz prepared a special recipe from a typical Indonesian ingredient namely kecombrang, which is deliciously combined with a sweet taste and not as bitter as the usual beer from Bintang Crystal. “Experiences with unique food and drink pairings are always exciting things in the culinary world. The compatibility between the two, when well combined, can provide a thrilling experience in the mouth! This time I tried making Kecombrang Shrimp Tacos to pair with Bintang Crystal, which is not as bitter as regular beer and tastes sweet. You have to try it because this recipe is really nice to chill with friends! said Chief William Gozali. (OL-12)


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