A Land Transport Safety Directorate must be formed

A Land Transport Safety Directorate must be formed

The GOVERNMENT must reactivate the Directorate of Land Transport Security which was abolished at the Ministry of Transport two years ago. The abolition of the leadership has an impact on the lack of programs and budgets for safety in the land transport sector.

This shows that the government still does not take transportation safety seriously. The Directorate of Land Transport Security was formerly under the General Directorate of Land Transport. There was an organizational restructuring within the Ministry of Transport, resulting in the abolition of the Directorate of Land Transport Security. Even if land transport safety issues have not achieved significant success in terms of reducing the number of traffic accidents. The death rate is still quite high. Public awareness of road safety is also still low. If you die from a traffic accident, it is considered fate.

The number of traffic accidents has never dropped drastically. Meanwhile, security-oriented institutions have been phased out. It is only a matter of time when the social gathering of floating lives will continually occur on the highway.

There was a traffic accident on the Cipali KM 113 toll road section on Thursday (4/11) early in the morning. The victim was a group of professors from Gajah Mada University (UGM) resulting in the death of one of the professors of the Faculty of Livestock, Professor Ir I Gede Suparta Budisatria, M.Sc, Ph.D, UIP Asean Eng. Later that same day, artist Vanessa Angel and her husband, Febri Ardiansyah, died in a single accident on the Jombang KM 672 toll road.

According to data from the Traffic Corps of the State Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Korlantas), within 1 hour, 1-3 people die from traffic accidents in Indonesia. In one day, about 80 people died instantly on the highway. Most of the victims are motorcyclists (around 75%). Not to mention the addition of a number of traffic accident victims who suffered serious injuries and also resulted in death. A total of 120 people die every day as a result of traffic accidents on the motorway.

New management

In Indonesia, there are still many land transport safety issues that need to be addressed. Currently, those who manage the land transportation security program report to the Land Transportation Facilities Branch. Certainly the budget for security should be small, unrelated to the responsibility for securing land transport security throughout Indonesia.

At the same time, the rail, maritime and air transport sectors still have safety directorates in their respective directorates-general. Indeed, there is a regulation of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia which limits the number of directorates in each general directorate. However, given the urgent and important needs, there is no harm in adding new management.

On the other hand, the tourism sector has started to wriggle. Every tourist destination and accommodation is required to provide adequate rest areas for the drivers of tourist buses. There are still many tourist attractions that do not offer a resting place for tour bus drivers, as there is no obligation. Therefore, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy must adopt regulations requiring every tourist place to provide a resting place for tour bus drivers.

If the government really wants to reduce the number of traffic accidents like in South Korea which has managed to reduce the number of traffic accidents by 60% in the past 20 years, it is necessary to raise the status from the National Transportation Safety Board (BKTN). ) who reports directly to the President. No less important is the need to increase the budget for transport safety research and prevention efforts.

The government has failed to reduce the number of traffic accidents except during the Lebaran reunion season. The reason is that special operations such as Operation Ketupat, Operation Candle and others were carried out during this time. Don’t compromise, let alone extortion on security. The Ministry of Transport must make the safety program a work priority in the main performance indicators (IKU).

The success of the Ministry of Transport is not only measured by a number of physical projects that have been built, but how the number of transport accidents has decreased and the safety of transport users is guaranteed to travel safely.


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