The meaning behind the dog’s head tilting habit

The meaning behind the dog’s head tilting habit

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR can present a variety of feelings, ranging from annoyance to confusion and fear. A habit often seen in dogs is to tilt the head.

If you are so often curious about the meaning of this behavior, or even if you can already guess its meaning, it may be matched with the results of this latest search. Research on the behavior of dogs tilting their heads was carried out by a team from Eövös Loránd University in Hungary.

In fact, according to the researchers, tilting the dog’s head may indicate that it is trying to focus and pay attention to messages from its owners. It is even believed that some dogs of different breeds are able to remember the name of a toy and pick it up when asked. However, not all dogs have this ability, even if they have received intensive training for at least three months.

In this study, scientists conducted an experiment by placing a toy in a room. They were then in another room with the companion dog and its owner. The owner was then asked to name and ordered the dog to take the toy.

According to researchers, some dogs have a knack for learning words. This type of dog is then categorized as a gifted word learner (GWL), which is the condition to be able to understand more than two object names easily.

“Head tilting is an asymmetrical movement in dogs that has never been studied. We investigated the frequency and direction of this behavior in relation to verbal messages from humans or when the owner asks the dog to pick up a toy while saying its name, ”researcher Andrea Sommese said, as reported by Reuters. from the Independent, Sunday (7/11).

In her findings, Sommese said GWL dogs tended to tilt their heads more frequently when asked to pick up toys than regular dogs. However, he also notes that the results of this study cannot necessarily be generalized to the action of tilting the dog’s head, which was caused by other situations or which was not tested in the study.

“It is important not to think of GWL dogs in other situations, or of those that have not been tested in research,” adds Andrea Temesi, colleague of Sommese. (M-1)


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