Depok City Floods, 12 residents evacuated by inflatable boats

Depok City Floods, 12 residents evacuated by inflatable boats

The CITY of Depok in West Java started to rain heavily this morning causing flooding in several places.

The two places most affected by the floods were the residential areas of RT 003 RW 04 Pasir village, Putih, Sawangan sub-district and RW 06 Rangkap Jaya Baru village, Pancoran Mas district.

The head of the administrative section of the village of Pasir Putih, Komaruddin, explained that the cause of the flooding was due to the overflow of the Pesanggrahan river.

At the site of Pasir Putih RT 003 RW 04 village, there are 3 houses with 12 people stuck in their houses due to flooding.

To evacuate 12 residents trapped by the flooding, his team brought in an inflatable boat from the City of Depok Fire and Rescue Service (DPKP).

“We evacuated the 12 residents who were surrounded by the floods to a place at high altitude,” he said on Monday (8/11).

Before the rubber dinghies arrived in the flooded area, he said, residents were prohibited from leaving their homes.

Komaruddin said the floods also cut off road access in two areas, namely Sawangan sub-district and Pancoran Mas sub-district.

“Due to the disconnection of road access, drivers of four and two wheels are forced to turn around or look for other alternative routes,” Komaruddin said.

By the way, the village chief RW 06 Rangapan Jaya Baru, Pancoran Mas, Isnantoro said that the floods in RW 06 were sent upstream from the town of Depok because the area is in the lower plains of other regions. .

He said that in RW 06 there were 4 RTs or about 400 family cards (KK) with the worst flooding.

The head of the Disaster Management Division of the City of Depok Fire and Rescue Service (DPKP), Denny Romulo Hutauruk, said the floods that hit two residential areas had been optimally managed.

“We evacuated 12 people who were trapped inside their homes because of the flooding. We evacuated them with rubber dinghies,” said Denny (OL-13)

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