Dazzling Jepara Batik artisans on the Indonesian scene Little Batik Princess 2021

Dazzling Jepara Batik artisans on the Indonesian scene Little Batik Princess 2021

PERDANA took place, the Putri Batik Little Indonesia 2021 event reached the grand finale on Saturday (6/11) and was held at the Ciputra Hotel, Jakarta. The event, which aims to train ambassadors to introduce batik to the younger generation, brought together representatives from various provinces and began the process six months ago.

After going through a tight judging process, the representative of the city of Cirebon in West Java, Carissa Arethe was chosen as Miss Batik Little Indonesia 2021. Another title which is also up for grabs at the insider event by the graduates of the 2001 W Sumatra Uda event and 2004 Abang None Jakarta, Derry Dahlan, is Putri friendship, best clothes, social media, favorites, to photogenic princesses.

The representative of Jepara, in central Java, Izza Angelia Vega emerged victorious from the small Indonesian batik 2021 and was also part of the top 10 of the Indonesian princesses Little Batik 2021. In the event, the girl who is familiarly called Angei wore a Batik Jepara with a Garuda Yaksa carving pattern.

“I want to see batik is not out of fashion, batik is good and will suit any occasion. Wearing batik describes us from Indonesia,” Angel said when he met after Putri’s grand final. Batik Cilik. Indonesia 2021.

The dress itself was created by Yanti Jatmiko of Batik Nalendra Galeri. He explained that Garuda Yaksa hid the sense that gender equality had been ingrained in Jepara for a long time.

The concept of Jepara’s Garuda Yaksa carved Batik pattern worn by Angel was inspired by a strong female figure who is represented by large designs with a powerful Garuda. It means gender equality in which women can also play a role. “, did he declare. to Media Indonesia by phone, Saturday (6/11).

Additionally, Yanti said the existing sculpture patterns have been rearranged to be more varied and not monotonous. Through this batik work, he also invites the younger generation to get to know him better. “At Batik Nalendra, not only for the industry, but we also want to promote local culture so that it is more appreciated by all,” he concluded. (M-1)


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