Bluebird is holding a modification contest between the pools

Bluebird is holding a modification contest between the pools

PT Blue Bird Tbk (BlueBird), as a provider of transportation services through the Mobil Go business unit, held an inter-pool Toyota Limo modification competition in Jabodetabek with a cost limit of Rs.15 million. Through this activity, Mobil Go shows its commitment to providing travel solutions with top-notch units that do not need to spend a lot of modification costs and that inspire Mobil Go consumers.

Mobil Go is a business unit that provides quality sales vehicles ranging from the all new Alphard limousine to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. This row of sales cars is in ready-to-use condition to become a every day through maintenance that follows standard procedures supported by facilities belonging to the Bluebird Group, such as engine, air conditioning, leg and paint oven service shops. .

“Through this activity, we want to prove that our range of sales cars is ready to use to become a reliable vehicle on a daily basis. With a touch of creativity at a lower cost, we make this vehicle more elegant and sporty, without compromising overall safety and comfort. “Said Hery Sugiarto, Head of the Used Cars Division PT Blue Bird Tbk , sometime ago.

The essence of this activity is to present a safe, comfortable and sporty vehicle to be the partner of everyday mobility. Participants are only allowed to make changes to the exterior area of ​​the body and the interior of the car, and participants are not allowed to make changes to the engine area.

Hery further revealed that the Toyota Limo was chosen as the modified car because it was tested as an operational fleet with a sporty model, qualified features and proven engine durability. It will be a challenge for the participants to express their creativity.

“Bluebird has used three generations of Toyota Limos, and the results have never disappointed in providing ride comfort to Mobil Go drivers, guests and consumers. This car still offers appeal for consumers to use as a car. daily. Therefore, we provide a challenge to modify units ready for use, so that participants can also inspire users of our old Toyota Limo fleet, ”said Hery.

In this activity, the Warung Buncit Bluebird swimming pool was chosen as the winner of the modification competition. Carrying the theme of sporty and elegant modification, this concept focuses on increasing the comfort of the passenger compartment and providing a sporty appearance to the exterior of the vehicle.

“To support the sporty and elegant concept. We have added an element of comfort in the cabin through the application of a synthetic leather upholstery. For the exterior we use 16-inch alloy wheels and a profile size 50 tire to add a sporty feel, ”said Bluebird Pool Workshop Manager Warung Buncit Lestari Widodo.

What makes this modification special, according to Lestari, is the application of the “Lambo door,” where the door opens upward like a Lamborghini car.

“Overall, we only spent Rp 14,900,000 to make changes to this concept,” he added. (S-4)


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