Violating PPKM, South Jakarta Cafes Are Sealed

Violating PPKM, South Jakarta Cafes Are Sealed

Joint members of the national police, TNI and Satpol PP sealed the Gojira cafe north of Cipete, Kebayoran Baru, south of Jakarta on Saturday (6/11) overnight.

South Jakarta Metro Police Chief Samapta AKBP Yulianus said Gojira Cafe violated PPKM Level 1 because visitors exceeded the specified capacity. Regarding the rules of PPKM Level 1, it is clarified that restaurants / restaurants, cafes with opening hours starting at night can operate with strict sanitary protocols and opening hours from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. local time maximum with a maximum capacity of 75%.

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“We just finished having an apple, patrolling, then public reporting, at the Gojira Cafe, it turns out that the visitors are over capacity. What should be say 50 or 40 is 80 to 100, “Yulianus said, when confirmed. , Sunday (7/11).

Yulianus said that at the cafe, visitors appeared to sing while dancing and ignoring the officers who arrived at the scene. Yulianus also said the majority of visitors are also not following health protocols by not wearing masks.

Yulianus said the joint staff immediately dispersed the crowd of visitors and sealed the cafe.

“Because there have been too many (violations), we are coordinating with colleagues from Satpol PP to take action to seal this Gozira 1×24 hour cafe,” Yulianus said.

Meanwhile, Yulianus continued, the ranks of Satpol PP did not impose administrative fines. He said he would give tougher penalties if he broke the rules again.

“First seal it 1×24 hours, if it still is, later there will be tougher measures,” he said. (OL-6)


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