Tambora Police Ciduk Specialist in theft in the West Jakarta region

Tambora Police Ciduk Specialist in theft in the West Jakarta region

Unemployed youth with the initials JH alias IS, 30, a resident of Jalan Tomang flooded the Grogol Canal, Petamburan, West Jakarta, was arrested by police for theft of motorcycles.

The reason is that the young man repeatedly managed to beat a motorbike in the Tambora neighborhood in West Jakarta until he was finally caught by the police.

West Jakarta Metro Police Tambora Polsek chief Kompol Moh Faruk Rozi said his party managed to apprehend an unemployed youth with the initials JH als IS (30) for committing a motorcycle theft. “The perpetrator is known to have stolen motorcycles in the Tambora area, west of Jakarta 7 (seven) times,” Faruk said when confirmed on Sunday (7/11).

Faruk explained the incident when journalist Tjung Kelvin, a resident of Jalan Duri Selatan Tambora, west Jakarta, came to Tambora area police on Saturday (7/17).

Tjung came to report the loss of two of his motorcycles.

According to his statement during investigators’ investigation, the perpetrators were two unknowns who had previously been taped on CCTV at the scene.

“Based on the evidence from the CCTV footage and witness statements as well as the evidence that was obtained, the Tambora police bus team decided to investigate the perpetrators,” Faruk said.

Based on witness statements as well as previous evidence and instructions, the bus team led by the IPTU Criminal Investigation Unit, Yugo Pambudi, conducted an investigation related to the alleged theft. .

Then, on Friday, November 5, 2021, at around 2:00 p.m. WIB, officers received information about the fate of the alleged perpetrator with the JH als IS call near the Krendang health center in the Tambora region, at the west of Jakarta. “The assailant was eventually caught and arrested by buseurs without any resistance,” Faruq said.

Further, Faruq added that based on the results of the officer’s examination, the assailant admitted that he had previously stolen a motorcycle with his partner.

The suspect admitted to taking measurements at the scene around South Duri around July 2021 with the results of two Nmax and Ninja 150 CC motorcycles. “The suspect admitted to having committed seven motorcycle thefts in the Tambora region,” he said.

According to the author’s confession, the proceeds of crime were sold to someone in the Roxy region, west of Jakarta.

Thus, it is suspected that the purchaser of the proceeds of crime or the collector is still wanted by the Tambora Police Criminal Investigation Unit team.

For his actions, the suspect will be charged under article 363 of the penal code with a maximum prison sentence of seven years. (OL-12)


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