Silence Forentina, Allegri believes Juventus are opening up opportunities to win the league

Silence Forentina, Allegri believes Juventus are opening up opportunities to win the league

TEAM Juventus have finally managed to find their way back to victory in the aftermath of the Italian League game, after beating Fiorentina 1-0 on Sunday (7/11) early in the morning WIB.

The victory, which was taken at the Allianz Stadium, became Juventus’ first victory after swallowing unsatisfactory results in the last three Italian League matches, including two losses to Sassuolo and Verona.

The only goal old woman -Juventus’ nickname- was successfully printed by Juan Cuadrado in the first minute of extra time.

Speaking of his team’s success, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri said he was happy and believed the result would be a turning point for Juventus to return to the top of the table.

“I’m happy with the performance of all the players, especially players like Rugani and Pellegrini. The mentality of the players is really in a game that can make us smile,” Allegri said in an official club statement on Sunday (7 / 11).

“This victory gives us a new spirit to improve even further in the future. It is a starting point to come back as a team that competes at the top of the standings,” he added.

After scoring three full points to sit eighth in the table, Allegri said player friendliness made the difference for Juventus in this game.

“Tonight we were superior in all aspects, even this performance was better than when we faced Sassuolo, the difference is there, because it shows that the team is of good quality in this game,” he said. he declares.

Meanwhile, striker Cuadrado hopes that he and his teammates can maintain the same level of play in the next matches and of course continue to win.

“I’m happy with the performance of the team, we have to continue to grow and maintain this level of play in every game,” said Cuadrado.

“We’re a tight-knit team, like a family, and this week has brought us even closer. We wake up every morning hoping to be on top, and we don’t think we have to talk a lot, we just need to work hard.” (Rif / / OL-09)


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