PDIP Gowes Together in Old Town to Remember Jakarta Civilization

PDIP Gowes Together in Old Town to Remember Jakarta Civilization

The PDI-P DPP organized a joint trek in the Old Town district, West Jakarta, on Sunday (7/11) morning. This joint hike was held to liven up the commemoration of the youth engagement that fell on October 28, as well as to welcome Heroes’ Day on November 10, 2021. PDI-P DPP Youth and Sports President , Eriko Sotarduga said, his party deliberately chose the Kota Tua area as a place to walk because it was synonymous with history. During the Dutch colonial period in the 1600s, the area formerly known as Batavia was one of the trading points of the Sunda Kingdom.

At the port of Sunda Kelapa, the Association of the Dutch East India Company or Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC) controlled commerce, politics and military power in the Earth archipelago. Eriko hopes that this walk in the Kota Tua area will help participants remember the civilization of Jakarta. “So we can feel what it was like in the past to be the center of life in the city of Jayakarta or the city of Batavia, known today as the city of Jakarta,” Eriko said. .

This activity brought together hundreds of participants who are executives, supporters of the PDI-P and the general public. The length of the trail is approximately 6.5 kilometers, from the old town to Jalan Hayam Wuruk and turning around to Jalan Gajah Mada to return to the starting point. “We are making sure that the event maintains the Covid-19 health protocol, such as wearing masks and keeping a distance. We cannot be negligent even though we have been vaccinated,” he said.

According to Eriko, this activity took place not only for physical health, but spiritually. He asked the public not to always associate political parties with the ambition to seize only power.

“Many now think that political parties think only of power, only think of becoming governors, mayors and regents, members of the DPR and DPRD. It’s not like that though. Politics is sacred, if you borrow a term from Mr Sabam Sirait, this politics has the power to benefit the community, ”he said.

He added that the positive activities did not end there. However, each PDI-P DPC in the Jakarta region organizes various activities to celebrate Heroes Day and Youth Engagement.

For example, the West Jakarta PDI-P DPC focused on organizing a healthy trek, while in East Jakarta organized a blood donation event. Then for the center of Jakarta to carry out a circumcision event and the north of Jakarta to carry out blood donation and vaccination actions.

“This positive activity is regularly carried out by us with the community, including planting pojon and maintaining rivers, such as cleaning up garbage. Everything we do sequentially and well planned, ”he explained.

Meanwhile, West Jakarta PDI-P DPC Chairman Siegfrida Lauw said that maintaining a healthy body is everyone’s obligation. This joint riding activity, he explained, should make participants’ bodies healthier, as well as campaign for the importance of exercise.

“We want to raise awareness in the community, to enjoy the life that has been given by the Almighty to become healthier and better. So, not only think of power, but together to move this nation forward, “he concluded. (OL-8)


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