Gus Dur and the turn

Gus Dur and the turn

RATIH Pangestuti is one of the Indonesian researchers who is included in the list of the top 2% of the world’s top scientists published by Stanford University this year. Currently he is Acting Director of BBIL BRIN based in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

“To deal directly with the sea as a natural laboratory is a great gift. More with seen what is really amazing is the added value. However, wherever we are, if we can enjoy the work, explore its benefits for the wider community and be close to family, this is something we should always be grateful for, ”Ratih told Indonesian media, Friday (5/11).

Of course, the nature of Lombok, which is blessed with amazingly beautiful landscapes, is the main attraction. However, what makes Ratih even more “at home” is that geographically Lombok is located in the Wallacea region, which makes Lombok’s marine biodiversity very high. “For example, our colleagues at BBIL have discovered several new species in our front yard,” he said.

His office, which directly faces the sea, also makes his experiments and fellow researchers more integrated without being constrained by distance. According to him, marine organisms are very unique.

“For example, algae are colorful, it turns out that behind the beautiful colors, they contain various health benefits. There are many active compounds that can only be found in algae and cannot be found in terrestrial organisms, ”he explained.

His interest in the marine world began when he graduated from high school and was about to go to college. Around this time, Ratih heard Gus Dur’s speech, which has also become a turning point in his life to this day.

“Wow, I still don’t realize it’s been two decades. I remember that night, while studying in high school, I heard the late Gus Dur give a speech about the glory of the maritime country and the extent of our oceans. How our ancestors triumphed in the ocean, “he recalls.

“At that time, there was not a lot of research and innovation in the maritime sector. This moment was a turning point in my life. I reflect and change all my dreams and want to become an expert in maritime sector, which will contribute to the advancement of Indonesian maritime affairs and dedicate it to the community at large.

Of course, this determination is now evident from a number of Ratih’s accomplishments now. In addition to focusing on research, Ratih currently teaches.

“A lot of things that I to share to fellow students. Above all, don’t forget the ocean. Use or optimization of marine resources in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, conservation, biodiversity, livelihoods of the sea, etc. (Jek / M-2)


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