Flooding in North Jakarta not abating, DKI Deputy Governor: Please be patient

Flooding in North Jakarta not abating, DKI Deputy Governor: Please be patient

DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria said his party continued to try to control the rising tide that has flooded Jalan RE Martadinata Ancol, north of Jakarta, since Thursday, November 4, 2021. He said that the government had made a number of efforts, such as building docks around the coast.

He said it would take time to build the embankment. He asked the audience to be patient with the rising tide.

“So it still takes time, please be patient, in all principle we are local governments, supported by central government, doing our best to prevent and control floods,” Riza told Jakarta, Sunday (7/11).

Riza said that Jalan RE Martadinata was indeed the lowest point in the capital. So, he said, flooding is inevitable, especially when it rains at high intensity. Therefore, Riza said her party had deployed all the pumps to suck up the flood.

“Some points are quite low. The time to get the water through the pumps uses existing tools. We have deployed all the pumps due to the heavy intensity of the rain,” he said.

In addition, Riza asked for support to keep the capital safe from flooding. He said that so far the government has made various efforts to prevent flooding, such as mud raids on rivers, reservoirs and lakes. Then the government also built a number of seepage wells.

In addition to these efforts, Riza said community support is the most important thing to prevent flooding. The community is also asked to participate in flood prevention by protecting the surrounding environment.

“Alhamdulillah, flood related programs have been carried out, such as mud raids, construction of reservoirs, lakes, reservoirs, standardization and dredging. However, the most important is the support of the community so that we may be safe from potential flooding due to the intensity of the rain, ”said Riza.

It is known that a number of points in DKI Jakarta were flooded with water from 40 to 150 cm due to the heavy intensity of the rains today, Sunday (7/11). Based on the DKI Jakarta BPBD Disaster Center, Sunday (7/11) at 3:00 p.m. WIB, 21 RTs were flooded, namely 13 RTs in North Jakarta and 8 RTs in South Jakarta. (OL-15)


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