DKI Deputy Governor Says 2022 UMP Increase Amount Not As Planned

DKI Deputy Governor Says 2022 UMP Increase Amount Not As Planned

DKI Jakarta deputy governor Ahmad Riza Patria said his party and employers were trying to raise the provincial minimum wage (UMP) of 2022.

“We are sorry to try to increase the UMP. However, the figure did not live up to our expectations,” Riza said in Jakarta on Sunday (7/11).

Riza said the government wanted to increase the UMP next year according to the wishes of the workers. In addition, the private sector also wants to improve the welfare of workers. However, this will must be reconsidered, because currently the Covid-19 pandemic situation and the economy are still in the recovery phase.

“Again, facing COVID-19, there are common issues besides economic issues that need to be fixed, we will solve them together,” he said.

Previously, mass workers gathered at DKI town hall to demand that Governor Anies Baswedan increase the provincial minimum wage (UMP). The masses of workers who are members of the Federation of Indonesian Metalworkers ‘Unions (FSPMI) and the Confederation of Indonesian Workers’ Unions (KSPI) have demanded a 10% increase in the UMP, as they estimate that the cost of living in Jakarta rises.

The Chairman of the Regional Management Board or DPW FSPMI Winarso said that he had conducted a market research and that the appropriate salary for DKI Jakarta workers was Rp 5,305,000. The UMP DKI 2021 is 4,416,186 IDR.

Meanwhile, DPD chairman of the Indonesian Indigenous Employers Association of DKI Jakarta (HIPPI), Sarman Simanjorang, said it was inappropriate for the union or workers to ask for an increase in the provincial minimum wage (UMP) to 10% in 2022.19, according to him, the increase in UMP demand must be reviewed.

“In this situation of uncertainty, it is not very good if the unions demand an excessive increase in the UMP. Entrepreneurs are now racking their brains over how to stay afloat until our economy can return to normal and need to understand the strong pressures facing the business world today, ”he said. stated, in his statement, Sunday (10/31).

He said that currently the Wages Council is awaiting data from the Central Statistics Agency regarding the variables that will be used as the basis for calculating the UMP next year. He called on all parties to wait until the end of the process.

“Let’s respect the new process and the new format, we have to accept and respect the decided amount, because it was regulated by government regulation and took into account various aspects,” he said.

Sarman said that the UMP is the responsibility of the entrepreneur, but that it must be balanced between the capabilities of the economic actor and also considering the increase in the welfare of the workers every year.

Therefore, he assessed that in the midst of the current situation of Covid-19, his party called on workers to support the control of Covid-19 and to create a favorable climate for business and investment. He said it could help shake up the economy.

“We are very confident that if our economy improves, regional economic growth increases and is of high quality, then the UMP in the coming years will experience a positive increase,” he said. (OL-15)


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