Deputy Governor of Jakarta Calls for Reconsideration 212 Meeting

Deputy Governor of Jakarta Calls for Reconsideration 212 Meeting

DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria called for the 212 Meeting action plan to be reconsidered. He said actions that caused crowds were better examined, as at that time Jakarta was still in the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

“Because this is a time of pandemic, of course we hope that all activities that may cause crowds and have the potential to spread, we hope to reconsider, reconsider until Jakarta is really safe. “said Riza, in Jakarta on Sunday (7/11).

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Riza said that so far DKI Jakarta has been implementing Level 1 community activity restrictions. However, he said it is best to avoid activities that invite crowds. This is done to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“So all activities that can provoke, have the potential to cause crowds, of course, must be taken into account. For the best to be rethought, so as not to become a new cluster for the spread of COVID-19” , did he declare.

Previously, the Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212 organized a large meeting in early December. The place is planned to be held in Monas.

“God willing, it will be for the big meeting on 212 and for the usual place in Monas,” Wasekjen PA 212, Novel Bamukmin, told reporters on Sunday (7/11).

In addition, the head of Monas UPK Isa Sarnuri said that the national monument or Monas had not been opened to the public. He said that so far the government has not made a decision on whether to open the icon of the capital.

“So far it has not been opened to the public, we are also waiting for that,” he said. (OL-6)


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